Balm for the soul

To be found over at National Review. Take it away Andrew McCarthy:

If wanton violence has a cause other than mental illness, it is a culture that lionizes the savages. That culture is not the culture of the Tea Partiers so despised by the Left. Many Tea Partiers are part of what until recently was called “the Christian Right,” an amorphous group of Americans, not all of whom are actually Christians, tied together by their shared acceptance of basic Judeo-Christian principles, such as equality and the sanctity of life (even the lives of their ideological opponents). They love liberty, because in their hands it is guided by virtue. It leads to the good life and the good society, not to dissipation and anarchy. Many of them pray for President Obama despite their revulsion at most of his policies. All of them consider him their president and would rally behind him if the good of the nation demanded it. Their dissent does not diminish their patriotism.

Ahh. I feel much better now. Read it all, of course, because he makes a few other very good points.

And pox on MJ for directing my attention to this piece of shit first thing in the morning.

How COULD you? I think I lost 10 IQ points.

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One Comment on “Balm for the soul”

  1. MJ Says:

    Very strong article by McCarthy. I have taken penicillin for you pox, and feel just fine.

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