How Irrelevant Have The Grammy’s Become?

Honestly. “F*** You” nominated for Song of the Year? Justin Bieber for artist of the year? But, to focus (like a laser beam) I’m going to stick with what I know; the rock music category.

For best Solo Rock Vocal Performance you have:

“Run Back to your Side” by Eric Clapton
“Crossroads” by John Mayer (rock? I don’t think so)
“Helter Skelter” by Paul McCartney (you’re joking right? a 30 year old song?)
“Silver Rider” by Robert Plant (ok, long ago and far away this man had a good voice. I leave it at that)
“Angry World” by Neil Young (this man NEVER had a good voice and I’ve never heard this, or the other four songs on this list)

Best Rock Performance by a duo or Group:

“Ready to Start” – Arcade Fire (I like this group, but this isn’t their best song)
“I Put a Spell on You” – Jeff Beck
“Tighten Up” -The Black Keys (current critic’s darling)
“Radioactive” – Kings of Leon (I can’t tell you my opinion of this song, because I only listen to this band under duress)
“Resistance” – Muse (sigh)

Hard Rock Performance:

“Let me Hear you Scream” – Ozzy Osbourne
“Black Rain” -Soundgarden
“Between the Lines” – Stone Temple Pilots
“New Fang” – Them Crooked Vultures (FINALLY – something both new, original, and rocking – but this album was released in 2009)
“A Looking in View” – Alice in Chains (I have this album, and while it’s ok, it is certainly neither particularly memorable or award worthy)

Skipping a bit, because so much of what is nominated is just … for metal albums we’ve got Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Slayer. Who LISTENS to any of that?

Best Rock Album:
“Emotionn & Commotion” -Jeff Beck. Has ANYONE listened to this album?
“The Resistance” – Muse. Yawn. Moving on.
“Backspacer” – Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam released an album this year?
“Mojo” – Tom Petty. Haven’t heard song 1 of this Grammy award nominated album
“Le Noise” – Neil Young. Ditto.

Best Alternative Music Album

“The Suburbs” – Arcade Fire. Good band. Previous albums are better.
“Infinite Arms” – as an “alternative music” fan, I can say I’ve NEVER heard of this band. Listening to them, I can only scratch my head as how they qualify as “alternative.”
“Brothers” – The Black Keys. Critical darling. You must like this band, or you have no taste, or something.
“Broken Bells”- Broken Bells. Who?
“Contra” – Vampire Weekend. No thank you.

Honestly, I know. This is a stupid exercise.


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8 Comments on “How Irrelevant Have The Grammy’s Become?”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    R Plant… huh

    or maybe

  2. Allen Says:

    Oh yeah… I know what you’re talkin’ about and I can’t produce mere words to describe the confusion caused when nominated tunes just DON’T FIT the category! You have a perfect example in Jeff Beck’s duo with Joss Stone, vocals; You Put A Spell On Me. I’ve got his album “Emotion and Commotion” AND “Live From Ronnie Scott’s” – it’s a fantastic piece for sure, and I’ve been a Jeff Beck Guitar fan forever; I am TRULY elated for his nomination’s…..etc. etc. – BUT; this OLD blues piece AIN’T rock & roll EVEN WITH J.B. & his Strat ! Neither is “Emotion & Commotion” a “Rock Album” IMO. The only Rock/Roll tune is “Hammerhead”- Jeff’s even commented to that effect, the other tunes, none are weak, are uniquely Jeff’s. BUT NEVER will they be Rock/Roll! They’re STILL trying to label Beck’s guitar genius, and Jeff’s never gonna be in one place musically to be labeled.
    AND THERE’S 4-5 MORE nominations that simply DO NOT BELONG in ANY CATEGORY!!!

  3. Car in Says:

    Robert Plant’s album with Allison Krause was UNLISTENABLE.

    He had a great voice. Even his earlier solo stuff.

  4. Mark A Says:

    “What a joke” is a terrible cliche, but fitting in this instance. I suppose this is what the view is on the downward trajectory the West is now on. And it only drops precipitously from here.

  5. Car in Says:

    I like the John Mayer tune they nominated – a COVER tune. John Mayer is SOFT rock/adult contemporary.

    Not rock.

  6. My prediction is for an abundance of left-inspired “political” statements from each of these noted elected officials and statesmen as they stagger to the podium to pick up their overblown paperweight.

  7. Car in Says:

    I’d like to say “we’ll see if you’re right” but that is making a HUUUUUGE leap of faith.

    As if I’d watch the Grammys.

  8. wiserbud Says:

    I like the John Mayer tune they nominated – a COVER tune.

    And we all know what that means…..

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