$172,200 – “relatively modest pay”, according to Obama. Got it.
Ba haa haa haa .

But because our timid little President is so delicate and easily offended, the Secret Service has wasted our tax dollars to harass a citizen and small business owner for comments that would have elicited a yawn under the previous administration, where liberal death threats against President Bush were a staple of their protests.

I mean, it’s not funny. Actually, the part I found most amusing was that Volkmann was report to the secret service was a member of the election committee that had worked on Obama’s campaign.


Jonah goes against the orthadoxy. Perhaps it’s the moderate muslims who want to hijack the religion. And they’re losing. Cut to Pakistan:

A reasonable person might look at this tragic situation and say it is indeed proof of extremists trying to hijack the religion and the country.
Except, it was Taseer who wanted to change the status quo and Qadri who wanted to protect it. Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have been on the books for decades, and while judicial death sentences for blasphemy are rare, the police and security forces have been enforcing it unilaterally for years.


William Daley an “outsider”?

[It] is quite a stretch to apply the “outsider” to a son and brother of Chicago mayors, a former Secretary of Commerce, and a current JP Morgan executive.

The WSJ on this “outsider”.

Yesterday, Mr. Daley was appointed to succeed Mr. Emanuel, and perhaps to help a politically chastened President fulfill the hopes we had for his first chief of staff. The younger brother of the outgoing Chicago mayor is a Democratic moderate who has spent the last decade in private business, most recently as a senior executive at JP Morgan Chase. In the 1990s he was instrumental in helping Bill Clinton pass the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he later served as a pro-free trade Commerce Secretary. As a scion of the Daley dynasty, his political instincts are not in doubt.

Of course, the left HATES it that Daley was in private business and not part of the public sphere for his entire life. Obama’s cabinet woefully lacks real world experience (only 8% have worked outside of the public sector), and they’ve done such a masterful job on our economy.

Why a Hostage should keep his identity secret should

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