Tomorrow, it’s back to reality

Unless, of course, you’re the POTUS. The poor dear had to put in extra hours before his vacation started, so he’s chilling in Hawaii until late Monday night. He didn’t arrive in Hawaii until the Wednesday December 22 (technically, late Tuesday night) so that means the poor dear was only going to have 11 days to hisself.

So, when you trudge back to work tomorrow morning, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the bestest president eva! is taking a bit more time off.

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2 Comments on “Tomorrow, it’s back to reality”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    thank goodness he is starting the year off right!
    we wouldn’t want him to suffer the same fate as he did last year…. rampant government spending, decreasing poll numbers, numerous psychotic breaks…. all from a lack of rest and relaxation…. he only took, what… a dozen or so vacations last year…? I’m thinking 2011 should be the “Obama Year of Endless Summer”.
    I would suggest that he start with the closest country he hasn’t visited and work his way out from there. A Good Will and Party Tour.. as it were.

    Happy New Year Carin!

  2. The difference being that this time, some of the adults will be in charge in Congress.

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