Funny Girl

Big Hollywood’s Larry O’Conner brings us the greatest moments of Babs on Larry King:

When Larry King asked her about the first two years of Barack Obama’s Presidency she laments that President Obama did not use his “executive powers” to unilaterally repeal DADT. Then, pricelessly, without any sense of self awareness she goes on to praise President Bill Clinton as one of our greatest Presidents. It would have been at this moment that an actual journalist would have pointed out to Ms. Streisand that President Clinton was the “great” President that instituted the DADT policy that she now wants President Obama to unconstitutionally and unilaterally revoke.

They didn’t get their message across? What did they do that was “good”, Babs?

Singer/composer/actress/activist Barbara Streisand is so super smart. Here she’s parroting Obama’s talking points leading up to the midterms.

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One Comment on “Funny Girl”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    “… and he’s cool and he’s smart….” Babs Strident… aka BS

    “we can absorb a terrorist attack”

    ” corpse men”

    He referred to ‘Cinco de Mayo’ as ‘Cinco de Quatro’.
    “our fallen heroes who are present”.

    Obama Claims A 3000% Decrease In Premiums

    “With our country founded more than 20 centuries ago”

    barack misspelled Syracuse. and he’s a basketball fan…. go figure…

    and ON
    and ON
    and On….

    he’s a real friggen genius. all hail the O!

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