We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Are you pissed about the tax cuts? FRET NO LONGER! Give it back!

President Obama, unwilling to gamble on the middle class’s account, has acceded to Republican demands.

Quite possibly, the President had no good alternative. All the Bush tax cuts, not just those for the wealthy, were scheduled to expire at the end of this month, jeopardizing an already fragile economic recovery.

But we citizens need not abandon ourselves to this failure of government. Instead, ordinary Americans, acting together, can create shadow fiscal policy. By acting together, we can set the country moving toward a just prosperity. Here’s how.

Americans who have the means should refuse to surrender to Senate Republicans. We should act, together, to give back our Bush tax cuts, by making donations to organizations that promote fairness, economic growth, and a vibrant middle class. GiveItBackforJobs enables joint action, by all visitors to this site, to redirect our Bush tax cuts to the wise and just programs that our government would promote if it had not been hijacked. As more and more Americans do so, GiveItBackforJobs will begin to replicate good government policy, outside the government and free from the grip of Senate Republicans.

h/t Must Credit PW. Who got it from the Puppy Blender. It’s all new to me, I’ve been too busy to check stuff out.

So, how much is everyone going to give back?

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5 Comments on “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. cranky-d Says:

    I’m going to give back by trying to remain employed and not declare bankruptcy. You’re welcome, America!

  2. Hotspur Says:


  3. Herr Morgenholz Says:

    How come I couldn’t pledge my tax cut to National Right to Life, Catholic Charities, or the John Birch Society?

  4. MJ Says:

    I’m going to cross post this. Great stuff.

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