Free Markets are an illusion, apparently.

James Grant writes in the WSJ on Bernard E. Harcourt’s new book “The Illusion of Free Markets.”

Which is to say, in the author’s own words: “Neoliberal penality and its earlier iterations have fertilized the carceral sphere.” Mr. Harcourt writes in two languages. The first you have already recognized as a servicable kind of American. The second, just quoted, is the tongue indigenous to the race of college professors who inhabit Planet Tenure. One can tease out some meaning from this tribal patois, but only with application.

Ba haa haaaa. It’s hard to tell what the author of the book is jabbering about, but it has something to do with the fact that criminals are criminals because the free market isn’t really free. Or that our “free market” is based on the premise that you need to have lots of jails.

I had to find out more about this wonderful new theory.

For one thing, an introduction to the school of legal thought that holds that crime is an economic affront—”a class of inefficient acts.” Thus rape is a crime, the theorists hold, because it bypasses the “market” for marriage and the “market” for dating. On Planet Tenure, the Ten Commandments seem to have not made much of an inroad.

*looks confused.

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2 Comments on “Free Markets are an illusion, apparently.”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Planet Tenure is my new way to describe the idiocy that exists amongst my college professor acquaintances.

    Nice one.

  2. PCachu Says:

    Well, free markets *are* an illusion, as anyone who has observed Crony Capitalism in action can attest. Save of course for the so-called “black markets”, which exist specifically to bypass efforts to control them.

    Not the the residents of Planet Tenure would ever deem to acknowledge this.

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