More scummy Detroit politicians

Details of this missed my notice, so I bring it up now.

John Conyer’s son was busted driving his dad’s SUV. His dad’s taxpayer funded SUV. And, a fine man like John Conyers can’t just drive around in any old car. No, he needs an $80,000 taxpayer funded ride. A Cadillac Escalade. Which costs the taxpayers $1,200 a month.

A check of other Michigan congressmen shows that only Conyers and Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., currently drive a government-funded vehicle. Reps John Dingell (D), Mike Rogers (R), McCotter, Sander Levin (D) and Candice MIller (R) all do not. Shaykhet reports that when Conyers is in Washington he uses two different limousine services paid for with campaign funds.


Now, for a few words from Rep Conyers himself:

If America is to compete in a highly competitive global economy, we must have the needed federal revenues to invest in jobs, health care, education, infrastructure, and green technology. Furthermore, in a time when city and states are experiencing serious budget shortfalls, having difficulties paying for police officers, teachers, and firefighters, and other essential needs such as affordable housing and health care, now is not the time to provide tax cuts for the richest Americans who will simply put that money in their banks accounts.

Huh. He didn’t mention anything about an $80,000 car being “an essential need”.


“I have just learned about the inappropriate use of a congressional vehicle by my son over the Thanksgiving holiday,” Conyers said in a statement Tuesday. “I am sorry it happened and will make sure that it does not happen again.”

You “just learned…”, Congressman? Yeah, right… and I just learned that my six kids were caused by sex. I wonder, too, how surprised he was as his wife as arrested and then convicted of bribery. Conyers the III, I suppose, had to jack the car since mommy is in the big house and couldn’t give him a ride to help him peddle the misogynistic Big Sean event tickets to gangsta wannabes in Motown.

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2 Comments on “More scummy Detroit politicians”

  1. MJ Says:

    I just don’t understand the sense of entitlement that people have. I sent Jazz a long email about it yesterday.

    Rather than trying to figure it out, I’m just going to see these people as the ‘other.’ I’m finished with with trying to get in their head.

    I’m really glad your 412 children won’t grow up this way.

  2. JAM2 Says:

    ” make sure “”it”” doesn’t happen again..”
    that means he will hire a 24/7 driver…

    Next Traffic Stop:

    Officer: Sir – where are you going this evening?
    Driver: Just making sure the Congressman’s car is functioning properly….
    Officer: OK… move along…. move along.

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