Granholm on Jobs

Outgoing Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm has advice for the rest of the country:

s last week’s jobs numbers reminded us, emerging from the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression isn’t going to be easy. We need to be creative and daring. We need a moon shot — a Jobs Race to the Top. The goal: create three million new jobs in three years.

It’s doable with an aggressive strategy.

A MOON SHOT. I wonder if “cool cities” was a moon shot?

Here’s how it could work:

• Take funds the U.S. now spends on economic development programs (about $170 billion) and redirect a portion to a Jobs Race to the Top competition among the country’s regions, states and communities. For it to have an effect, it needs to have the size and scope of the education Race to the Top.

Sounds snazzy. Lemme try this on for size: Jobs Race to the Top Solutions.

• Focus the competition on clean energy job creation. There is a critical national need for this and it can create all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people in all kinds of regions across the country.

YEA! CLEAN ENERGY. It’s going to save us.

Reward regions that build on their strengths, partner with the private sector and change public policy to drive jobs results. Take the Sunbelt states. In exchange for federal dollars to offset a company’s upfront capital costs or new technology installation, these states might create a dramatically streamlined permitting process for solar farms. Or they could offer a partnership with specific private-sector solar energy producers to build out the energy generation, and ensure strong demand for renewable energy inside the region through a robust Renewable Energy Standard.

They’re going to streamline the permitting process for those industries the proggs like. The rest of you business folks? You’re screwed. You can go broke while you attempt to get all the approvals.

The regional governments might lease land tracts at low rates, or even offer them for free. State governments might give incentives for solar energy production. Public utility commissions might offer ways to partner with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to streamline electric grid siting. Allow regions to partner to make their best competitive case; develop the most creative, dynamic and effective public policy, and use the federal dollars to drive technological advances and investment that might otherwise head to another country.

Is this woman high? She is suggesting that we, the taxpayers, subsidize this shit. The most dynamic and effective use of federal dollars is to NOT TAKE IT FROM THE TAXPAYER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

In Michigan, we are trying our own version of this race — focused on the lithium-ion advanced battery for the electric car, a high-tech product previously manufactured almost exclusively in Asia.

We offered irresistible state tax incentives for manufacturers of “advanced energy storage.” We pancaked our state incentives on top of the competitive federal Department of Energy grants to advanced battery companies and suppliers. We also created robust public-private partnerships.

We’re also completely fucked here in Michigan.

n just over a year, we have attracted 18 domestic and international companies, projected to create 63,000 private-sector jobs in Michigan. With breathtaking speed, we built an entire advanced battery “ecosystem” for the purpose of electrifying the automobile.

She’s bragging about this? 18 companies? 63,000 jobs?

I’m too depressed to even continue fisking this.

She’ll be gone soon. I bet she moves out of the state ASAP.

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4 Comments on “Granholm on Jobs”

  1. Svenster Says:

    We need a moon shot? She’s been mooning us for years and it hasn’t seemed to help.

  2. Jess Says:

    Perhaps Gov. Granholm should consider whether she might streamline the permitting process for all potential employers, not just the politically-favored ones.

  3. Car in Says:

    We’ve been currently going through the permitting process in Michigan – and it’s a NIGHTMARE. Most of it is local shit,but still. It’s as if these little city officials have NO idea how their own paychecks are created.

  4. MCPO Airdale Says:

    That woman is functionally retarded.

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