Item – New Yorkers live in a bubble.



“This is beyond politics. This is about justice and doing what’s right,” said Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana as she slammed “the almost, you know, moral corruptness” of tax cuts for millionaires.

Because paying 35% of your income to the federal government is just not enough. What is enough, Ms Landrieu? 50%? 75%? Oh, if we could see the day where someone making $250,001 got to take home $62,000. That would be some fairness.

Daily Kos has a tax rate suggestion. In their view a progressive tax is one that is takes an ever larger percentage of one’s income as they go up the scale. So, someone making 50,001 a year pays 12% – $6000. Someone making $200,001 pays 35% – $70,000 in taxes. And someone having the audacity to make $500,001 would pay 45% – or $225,000.

Riddle me this; why would anyone bother to work so hard – the schooling, the long hours – that their income would reach $500,001 while they only got to keep $275,000 of it? Of course, they wouldn’t even be able to keep that much, because there are state and local taxes. And let’s not forget that people pay taxes in other forms (sales and property taxes).

Progressives/socialists have completely taken out of the equation why the government needs our money. They have jumped ship and decided that taxation is a way to make life more fair.

Of course, a paragraph later, in this work of genius from Dkos:


Stop punishing Singles with extremely higher tax rates?

Uhm, didn’t you just argue for different tax rates for everyone?


What the author is upset about it the marriage dealo in filing. Honestly, I think it’s just a backdoor manner to undercut the institution of marriage.

It’s Friday, so here’s a video no one will watch

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3 Comments on “FIAF”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    You seem so angry. Are you turning into a liberal?

  2. Car in Says:

    ou seem so angry. Are you turning into a liberal?

    Thinking about taxes makes me bitter.

    fucking socialists.

  3. agiledog Says:

    And I love the pain of the sawtooth that progressive tax rates cause. Using the rates Car in mentions above:

    $500,000 – 35% = $325,000
    $500,001 – 45% = $275,000

    When your income crosses one of these boundries, you get NAILED! In this example, making just $1 more means you pay $50,000 more in taxes. Explain to me how that is fair, liberals. In dollars and cents, please. Not in fairyland “social justice” bullshit, but in cold, hard facts.

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