Thank You, Rush

Apparently Randi Rhodes (who?) was bitching about Rush Limbaugh and others regarding the taxes they pay:

Rush Limbaugh makes $58 million a year reportedly. He’s going to get a tax — if the the tax on the top two percent is allowed to sunset, he’s going to pay an extra $22 million a year. That’s his tax bill, not his salary! That’s his tax bill on almost $60 million dollars. But without it, you know, if they hold us hostage, then Rush will get an extra $2.7 million next year at a time when people are literally standing in line for heating assistance and he’s mocking them and making racist comments about their inability to find a job or their lack of desire to find a job!

So, best estimate is that Rush pays $22 million in taxes a YEAR.

A year. And Randi is saying he should pay another $3 million for the fairness.

That $22 million a year in taxes Rush pays, works out to over $60,000 a DAY. This point was made on his show yesterday (I missed it).

$60,000 a day.

Maxine Waters, economic genius:

Now, in taking a hard line on the extension of the Bush tax cuts, the Republicans are doubling-down on old policies, essentially asking the American people to support a $900 billion compromise that includes unconscionable tax bonuses for the ultra-rich (even though tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is at its lowest in almost 60 years).

Tax bonuses for the ultra-rich? What form do these “tax bonuses” come in?

Although the economic stabilization program served a critical purpose, an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy will cost the United States billions of dollars in lost revenue; add to the deficit; further exacerbate existing racial wealth gaps and income disparities; and divert federal resources from other initiatives that could stimulate economic development and help put Americans back to work.

The economic stabilization program did what? 9.8 unemployment. Great Job, Brownie! And, again with the Tax cuts=lost revenue. That’s what we are to these people. A revenue stream.

I imagine that in the 112th Congress, the Republican majority in the House will attempt to pay for the tax breaks by cutting a variety of vital programs and services for America’s working class and disadvantaged populations – taking away from the “poor” to give to the “rich.”

That war on poverty, how’s it going Maxine? After years and years of ever-increasing social programs, how come nothing has been solved? And, instead of throwing the poor in our faces, how about you save money by closing some of those useless alphabet soup federal agencies? How about you stop wasting money on fraudulent payouts like Pigford II?

In exchange for a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits the President’s compromise with Republicans includes a two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Adding insult to injury, the deal also includes a renewal of the estate tax at 35 percent – with a $5 million exemption – along with other preferential tax rates for capital gains, dividends, and other investment income. It’s no surprise that Wall Street rallied after the President’s announcement. However, for the majority of Americans, a continuation of tax policies favoring the nation’s wealthiest Americans will have devastating socioeconomic impacts as well as grow the deficit.

No Maxine, the majority of Americans are not socialists like you . You have ZERO right to the money of those who pass. ZERO. It’s not the government’s money. WHERE IN THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION DOES IT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE THE MONEY OF THE DEAD?

As the country’s middle class has grown increasingly dependent on credit cards and loans to keep up with the rising costs of housing, healthcare, and education, the wealth gap has grown ever larger.

Gee, Maxine, you care so much about the middle class. That’s why you insured that the Porkulous spending went to prop up a bank you had money invested in. Abuse of power.

Wealth, defined as what you own minus what you owe, allows people to start a business, buy a home, send children to college, and ensure an economically secure future. However, preferential tax treatment for the rich and other tax loopholes have allowed the nation’s wealthiest Americans to sustain record incomes as the rest of the country continues to suffer under rapid home foreclosures, crippling debt, unemployment, and financial uncertainty.

I don’t know who Maxine is talking about – probably people in the circles she travels in. The high-end communities around me have been decimated. Empty homes. Forclosures. Million-dollar homes can be bought for a song. The “wealthy” have lost their shirt. And, THERE IS NOT PREFERENTIAL TAX TREATMENT FOR THE RICH. They pay more. They pay a higher percentage of their income. Rush pays $22 million a YEAR.

Consequently, the Census Bureau recently reported that the U.S. now leads Western industrialized nations in income disparities. The economic outlook for African Americans is exceptionally bleak. Across all economic indicators, African Americans have fared significantly worse.

Because of the racism, right? But now you’re just trying to distract me.

When progressives make such arguments, we are accused of fomenting class warfare. However, after observing that a secretary in his office paid a far greater percentage of income in taxes than he did, Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest people, famously remarked: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

When you are taking $22 million from one of these “ultra rich”, arguments of “unfairness” are just ridiculous. And concentrating on the $3 million you didn’t get, versus the $22 million you did, IS fomenting class warfare.

We all should be thanking Rush, for his extraordinary financial support of our government.

I’m sure they spend his money well. *

*I’m being facetious.

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3 Comments on “Thank You, Rush”

  1. Steve B Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out just how keeping the income tax level at THE SAME LEVEL that it’s been for the last eight year will somehow now magically BANKRUPT THE GOVERNMENT {OHNOZ}!!1!1!

    How does keeping taxes the SAME somehow INCREASE the deficit? I’ll tell you exactly how. You planned a budge expecting to have that tax rate expire so you could jack it up to historic levels, for the fairness, only to have your ass handed to you in the midterm elections, and suddenly you don’t control the purse strings anymore.

    Newsflash, you Prog boneheads: You don’t get to piss away $800 billion on the “stimulus” and then cry about the REPUBLICANS bankrupting the government because they won’t keep buying off on wild, unfunded expenditures.

    Yes, it is true. Real grown ups actually expect you to pay your bills.

  2. JAM2 Says:

    nice run down.
    maxi h2o is one of my top choices…..(for prison, mental institute… etc)
    my head feels like it’s going to explode every time that troglodyte speaks.

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