Who’s To Blame For The TSA Junk-touching?

Who else but Bush?

The post-9/11 maxim “either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists” wasn’t the concoction of Michael Moore or Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Janet Napolitano. It was entirely the purview of the Drudge-ruled wingnut universe of fear and cowardice. And make no mistake: “cowardice” is precisely what it was — cry-baby cowardice masked by flag-waving machismo in support of a military-industrial-security complex that earned billions in profits on investments ranging from the invasion and occupation of Iraq to the production and deployment of the naked body scanners. Rather than standing firm and upholding American values, the far-right embraced cowardice in the face of a virtually nonexistent threat.

In a free society, there aren’t any guarantees of absolute safety. If you insist on 100 percent foolproof protection from acts of terrorism, you should probably go ahead and lock yourself in an underground bunker and leave the rest of us alone. And when you’re detained and forced to either submit to a naked body scan or, heaven forbid, have your “junk grabbed,” thank a Republican. Thank George W. Bush and his cheerleaders Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh.

Unbelievable How Predictable.

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7 Comments on “Who’s To Blame For The TSA Junk-touching?”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    What a steaming load from a typical liberal.

    No, dude, don’t thank a republican. Thank a liberal for the PC world you jackasses are trying to create, where it is preferable to pat down a nun or two, or make granny pose for a naked photo of herself, but under no circumstances single out middle eastern men with beards and one way tickets.

    Fucking unhinged lefties.

  2. mare Says:

    Ditto what Hotspur said. Only pretend I said it better.

  3. MCPO Airdale Says:

    As if I would click a link to the freaking HuffPo on purpose!

    Lest we forget, it was the DEMs who, along with their minions in the media, who screamed and cried that the DHS (and TSA) had to be implemented. . . for the children.


  4. Vmaximus Says:

    Mare said it best!

    but really, FUCK THE HUFFPO,
    Freaking idiots

  5. Car in Says:

    Yea. Mare’s sharp.

  6. Rougman Says:

    Funny, while this schmuck doesn’t think this country should try to guarantee citizen’s safety from terrorist attack, he would have no trouble with the country trying to guarantee the safety of its citizens from salt, cholesterol, cigarette smoke, fatty foods, carbon dioxide levels, Christians, and from the ever-present danger of being offended.

    In fact, this entire TSA fiasco is the result of an idiotic one-size-fits-all government solution that is more concerned with not offending the wrong people than it is with hassling travelers who pose no risk.

  7. So, what about blaming the perpetrators of the largest terrorist attack on our country? Too unPC for him, right?

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