Things I learned on NPR

No, I’m serious. This isn’t gonna be snarky.

Anyway, the first thing I learned was that the US, now, not only subsidizes US farmers for growing cotton (to the tune of some where between $1.5 and $4 billion a year) but we ALSO subsidize Brazilian cotton growers.

Isn’t that COOL?

It’s funny, because the article doesn’t specifically say which administration decided to end the trade war in this manner; by paying off the Brazilian cotton growers instead of eliminating the US cotton farm subsides. Our interpret Planet Money reporter doesn’t seem so interested in that.

But never fear. I have found it. It’s the Obama administration.

Oh, who am I kidding, this whole “deal” is totally believable. Despite loud pleas from free market advocates and Republican leaders (which Huenemann forgot to mention to Reuters, by the way) to really resolve the US-Brazil cotton dispute by – crazy, I know – actually terminating the WTO-illegal, trade distorting American cotton subsidies, the Obama administration has taken the easy way out. Of course, only this administration would think that $2.8 billion plus another $150 million in US taxpayer money (that we, of course, have to borrow because we’re broke) would be “easy,” but hey, that’s how this White House rolls, baby. I mean why tick off agribusiness and its big supporters on Capitol Hill (from both parties) during an election year when you can just stick it to US taxpayers and poor African farmers (or consumers or exporters or…)?

More here.

The other thing I learned?

This is just hilarious.

A transport of 11 containers carrying highly radioactive nuclear waste arrived at the Gorleben interim depository in Germany on Tuesday after a 92-hour journey — the longest ever for such a shipment. The protests against the transport are the latest event in a renaissance of the country’s anti-nuclear protest movement.

Dead enders.

Chancellor Merkel cannot ignore the wishes of the majority of German citizens who recognize nuclear energy as a dead end and a threat to the booming German renewable energy industry that provides hundreds of thousands clean, smart jobs. In fact, the renewable energy sector already employs more than 10 times the number of people employed by the obsolete nuclear energy industry.
The world looks towards Germany to lead on renewable energy – and the German people have made their choice clear. Now it is up to their government to reflect that choice and re-instate the nuclear phase out. Other actors involved, or considering involvement, in the nuclear industry cannot ignore the unprecedented 92 hours of protest the CASTOR nuclear transport has sparked and the worldwide attention it has received.

I’ve got a GREAT idea for all these protesters. I say they REFUSE to use that horrible nuclear energy. They need to hit the evil power companies right in the wallet. TURN IT OFF BRAVE SOLDIERS. Refuse to support the evil corporate nuclear energy conglomerates and just wait for those windmills and solar panels.

Plus, everyone knows the primary purpose of energy production is in providing clean, smart jobs!

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