Meet Tim Wise

Who appeared on CNN this past weekend:

Well, no not really because I think- look, the right wing in this country, which is disproportionately- if you look at the exit polls- being fed by older white folks, has more or less declared war on the last 100 years of liberal and progressive progress. I mean, Glenn Beck calls himself a ‘progressive hunter’ and says the main goal for Republicans should be to undo the legacy of progressivism, which is like the last century of human progress: civil rights laws, environmental laws, labor laws. So I think when you have a group that have declared war on that legacy, which is by and large a very positive one for this country and the world, the rest of us have to fight back, and sometimes, the rhetoric does have to be raw. We can’t always be friends and cooperate.

This cannot stand. Cornell Allen * West, esplains what us angry white folks mean about “taking back our country”:

West:So this is not about color- this is definitely about people being able to articulate the right principles of governance, being able to present viable solutions, and it really does come down to character. It has nothing to do with color of skin. And I was very concerned about when he started with his ‘taking our country back’ rhetoric that he was addressing. It is not time-oriented. It is not about going back to a certain period in the United States of America. But it’s about going back to constitutional principles, understanding the right and proper mandates of our federal government, and the interaction of the federal government with life and society, and how does it promote our free market and free enterprise.

LEMON: Do you- that’s what it means to you, but do you understand, to some people, when you say, ‘take our country back,’ they go back to where? Back to a time when my people were enslaved or were subjugated? Do you understand to some people, when they hear those words, that’s the meaning behind those words?

Well, some people are stupid. What can you do?


H/t: angry, white h8er, Darleen Click

*crap. don’t help kids with math while blogging. It makes me stupid.

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2 Comments on “Meet Tim Wise”

  1. agiledog Says:

    It doesn’t matter what we say – they’ll accuse us of racism no matter what – even when it is a black man speaking of conservative ideals. It is all they have.

  2. jw Says:

    Let them use the word racist all they like. EVERY single time they use it, demotes the meaning. Doesn’t matter what the subject or argument is, if they use the term “racist”, it becomes closer and closer to being part of Godwin’s Law. If they use it…argument lost.

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