Exploring the election myths

Kimbery Strassel does an excellent job illuminating the 2010 Democrat election myths. You know ’em all. It’s basically the only thing we’ve heard from them this election cycle.

To hear them tell it, they’re not about to take a huge routing next Tuesday because the American public is displeased with the way they’ve handled the reigns. No, it’s the “foreign money” influencing politics. Obama’s failure to communicate. And, those dumb-frack tea-baggers. Racists. Straight up.

On the money issue:

Here’s a key fact of 2010: The biggest political spender of this cycle is, as usual, a union (the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, at $90 million). Another overlooked fact: Democrats are floating in money. A recent study by the nonpartisan Center for the Responsive Politics reports that Democrats in competitive districts have raised 47% more than Republicans and spent 66% more. They’re losing for lack of credibility, not dollars.

The Democrats are awash with money. And unions are one of the biggest spenders (and supporters) this campaign cycle.

And the unions are pulling big for the Democrats. The NEA is spending $40 million. But, lest you think they are being partisan (WARNING: swallow your coffee before you read the following):

Though the teachers union is skewed toward Democrats in its endorsements, it has backed some Republicans this election. White mentioned Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who’s mounting a write-in bid after having lost her party’s primary, as well as Rep. Judy Biggert (R-Ill.), among others.

So, we have $40 million from the NEA, $44 Million from the SEIU, and $87.5 million from AFSME – all supporting Democratic candidates. Oh, and Allissa Murkowitz.

But, suddenly there is concern again about campaign spending. Americans Want Disclosure and Limits on Campaign Spending.

It’s all they got right now. Whine about the spending, while pretending that your side isn’t the one with all the cash.

Before introducing President Barack Obama at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Minneapolis Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) bemoaned the massive amount of money that shadowy conservative third party groups have poured into this year’s election.

“Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where – because they won’t disclose it – is pouring in,” Pelosi told about 100 donors at the fundraiser, according to a White House pool reporter in attendance.

The fundraiser, held at the 119-year-old Van Dusen mansion on the National Register of Historic Places, was expected to raise $600,000, Democrats said. Guests dined and VIPs were greeted by Obama in a photo line for the cost of $50,000 per couple.

One final howler from that last link:

Obama said that Pelosi “will go down in history as one of the finest speakers in the United States of America” …[]

Finest speakers in the United States of America.

ba haaa haaa haaa ….

Now, it’s time for FIAF. I think these folks are Marxists, but they’ve got Furries in the video, so there’s that.

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One Comment on “Exploring the election myths”

  1. Steve B Says:

    Who do you think paid the couple of cool million it cost for Obama’s five-day jaunt to Mumbai that would have made the Saudi Royal Family blush?

    Taxes baby.

    I don’t understand paying $25,000 a plate to go to a fundraising dinner to listen to Obama complain about rich people. Of course, he only means the BAD rich people.

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