The trouble with being a frog


. “I’ve not even started working yet, but I will now have to work longer—that is, if I can find a job,” the young man told Sky News.

Well, let’s look on the bright side. Perhaps if it takes a few years to find a job, everything will balance out?

Youths vandalize stores and cars and clash with police in various areas on the sidelines of a national strike against pension changes. The violence may erode support for the protest movement.

So violence may erode support? Not the stupid idea that they’re protesting a delay in state supported retirement by two years?

But never-fear. There is an end of the student violence on the horizon.

The unions have vowed to keep on protesting but many observers think the demonstrations will run out of steam starting Friday when high school students will desert the streets to ― go on vacation for the 10-day All Saints mid-term break.

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One Comment on “The trouble with being a frog”

  1. That’s a whole load of WTH right there, Car in….

    “Oui!! We will trounce the systeme Francais!! But not before taking our vacations!!”

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