Carol Browner: moderate

A sidebar story from Ace’s piqued my interest.

As I noted here, last week the New York Times presented left-wing Democratic insider Thomas Donilon, President Obama’s newly chosen national security adviser, as “a pragmatist, not an ideologue.” Not to be outdone, now comes the Washington Post with this whopper (emphasis added): “For his White House energy adviser, Obama brought aboard another moderate: [Carol] Browner, who led the Environmental Protection Agency during Bill Clinton’s administration.”

Andy McCarthy points out that “moderate” Carol Browner “resigned her commissionionership in the Socialist International” to take a job in the Obama administration. So, who is this “Socialist International” group and what are their core principals? It’s spelled out right here.

I like #8:

Real progress has been made since World War II in vital areas such as decolonisation, the growth of the Welfare State and, more recently, disarmament, where the first hopeful steps have been taken. However, age-old injustices remain. Human rights are still violated, racial and sex discrimination are rife, and individual opportunities in life are still determined by the region and class in which people are born.

The growth of the Welfare State is a good thing?

Faced with such crucial issues, the Socialist International reaffirms its fundamental beliefs. It is committed, as ever, to the democratisation on a global scale of economic, social and political power structures. The same principles and political commitments which socialism has always held have to be attained in a world that has changed radically since the Frankfurt Declaration of 1951.

That would be Worldwide socialism. One government. See: Marxism. They had a similar goal.

This is good too:

Justice and Equality. Justice means the end of all discrimination against individuals, and the equality of rights and opportunities. It demands compensation for physical, mental and social inequalities, and freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of political power.

It demands compensation for inequalities. LIFE ISN’T FAIR.

Equality is the expression of the equal value of all human beings and the precondition for the free development of the human personality. Basic economic, social and cultural equality is essential for individual diversity and social progress.

Oh good lord. Remember, Browner – who was a member of this organization – is a MODERATE. That’s what they MSM says about her.

There’s a lot of bla bla bla in this document. It’s awfully hard to crib that which is most outrageous, but I’m trying.

Human rights include economic and social rights; the right to form trade unions and to strike; the right to social security and welfare for all, including the protection of mothers and children; the right to education, training and leisure; the right to decent housing in a liveable environment, and the right to economic security. Crucially, there is the right to both full and useful employment in an adequately rewarded job. Unemployment undermines human dignity, threatens social stability and wastes the world’s most valuable resource.
58. Economic rights must not be considered as benefits paid to passive individuals lacking in initiative, but as a necessary base from which to secure the active participation of all citizens in a project for society. This is not a matter of subsidising those on the fringe of society, but of creating the conditions for an integrated society with social welfare for all people.

So housing and economic security are basic human rights, but we aren’t just gonna GIVE it to ’em. The desire for money and a roof over their heads should be the driving motivator to contribute to society.

Which … makes me wonder … why do they support the expansion of the Wefare State?

Regardless, it is only in the fevered mind of a liberal journalist that Browner is a moderate.

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