Post-Racial America and the coming Blackopcalypse

Eugene Robinson in the WAshington Post:

How the president looks on Election Day will depend in part on his ability to fire up the constituencies in the Democratic Party’s base. With different groups, he’s taking different approaches.

For progressives who have criticized his administration from the left, he has a stern lecture that might be paraphrased like this: “Come on, people, give us a break. Have you noticed that we don’t exactly have a liberal majority in Congress? Yet, look at all we’ve managed to accomplish.”

You note, he’s gotta change that from “Democrat majority” to “liberal majority.” The contention is debatable regardless. I’d say the Democrats are pretty liberal. They’re much more liberal than the Blue Dogs were under previous administrations.

For centrist Democrats who might have wanted him to spend more time on jobs and less on health care, Obama’s message is essentially apocalyptic, although it’s delivered in his customary no-drama way. Something like: “You’re right, things aren’t as great as we’d like. But just imagine the disaster if the Republicans take control of Capitol Hill.”

That’s his “BUT BUSH” defense.

With African Americans, his appeal has been simpler and more direct: “I need you.” The response he gets from black voters may determine the outcome of some of November’s key races.

Just vote. Don’t pay attention to any issues. Just vote the way I tell you to vote.

The president’s overall approval rating, according to the latest Gallup survey, is a middling 46 percent — not great, but roughly comparable to that of Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton at this stage of their presidencies. His approval among African Americans, by contrast, is a stratospheric 87 percent.

BUT IT’S NOT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK, because that would be racist.

This despite the fact that black people have suffered disproportionately from the subprime mortgage meltdown, the tidal wave of foreclosures and evictions, the worst recession in decades and the agonizingly slow “jobless” recovery that economists say we’re experiencing — problems that have their roots in prior administrations, but that many other Americans seem prepared to blame on Obama and the Democrats.

The national unemployment rate is 9.6 percent. For African Americans, it’s a punishing 16.1 percent — yet African Americans remain the president’s most enthusiastic and loyal constituency.

So, that 89% approval rate? What’s that about?

There are two reasons. For at least two generations, black Americans have been faithful supporters of the Democratic Party in general. And specifically, their high regard for Obama has to be because he is the first African American president of a nation that not long ago consigned black people to second-class citizenship.

What I said up there? About black support for Obama not being about the color of his skin? I was, apparently, wrong.

Jenn points us to this article which is just … well, you gotta read it. Apparently the election of Barack Obama has started a wave of racist hate. White guys with guns. And the black folk … well, they’re scared. There are hatey pictures on the internet (which I’ve never seen before) and white people with guns (she keeps talking about those people) and those damn Tea Partiers who started it all. Or, perhaps Glenn Beck did, I’m not sure.

I hate it that we’ve come almost full circle back to a kind of hatred soooo many people fought and died to end. To be realistic, most never thought it would really end, but they wanted to make sure that the discrimination it encouraged, did.
They won at least that much. Most of the country was able to grudgingly live and let live. Others went underground to bide their time. And the hatred has lingered and festered. So when Obama was elected…they realized that their cause would be forever lost if drastic measures were not taken. And because there were big business types who also feared Obama might do some of the things he promised, the lunatic fringe found itself being encouraged and funded by men who didn’t need guns—they had money. And real power.

It has to be incredibly heady to be courted by these people, who, under different circumstances, wouldn’t let you anywhere near them except to fix their plumbing. In fact, I’m sure the power brokers aren’t out there waving the posters they help pay for. And I bet if the people who are waving those posters could hear their benefactors talking about them in private…well…they might not really care. Those benefactors are paying them to say things they didn’t dare for decades.

Every morning, I fire up the internet news to catch up on the lastest white-on-black violence she talks about, caused by racist hatred of Obama. I’m sure the MSM must just be covering it up. Certainly this lady wouldn’t go on and on about the violence “her people” face without a tad more proof than a few hatey pictures on some defunct website.

Oh, wait. There is more proof. Right there at the beginning of her piece.

There I was, in a fast food drive through, behind a man whose back window decal, in small white letters, sent me a message that sent a chill down my spine—just as he’d hoped it would, no doubt. It said:


OMG. It was right there on a car. I’m crying as I type this, imagining the horror this poor woman must have gone through seeing that on a car in front of her.

Anyone who’s ever read “A People’s History of the United States” knows that America wasn’t built by white men with guns. Or that white men with guns abolished slavery. No, that’s just THE MAN’S version of what happened.

I’ve lost my appetite for America, period, to be honest—he’s just one of the many reasons. Forget that fact that if he really believes this, this guy must never have read a history book in his life—it’s the fact that he felt comfortable driving around with that ridiculous statement on his back window that galls me most. But I saw it comin’.

I just can’t feel safe in a country where a person (a WHITE MAN WITH A GUN, I imagine) feels comfortable driving around with such a bumper sticker on his car.

Someone hold me.

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