The Beat Goes On …

Poor fella:

The state appeals court will not review the prison sentence of the former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who is in prison for violating probation in a criminal case. Mr. Kilpatrick will remain in prison at least until next summer unless another court intervenes. He was sentenced to 14 months to five years for failing to report assets and turn over more money to reduce his $1 million restitution to Detroit, a consequence of his 2008 guilty plea to obstruction of justice.

AP report lifted from somewhere.

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8 Comments on “The Beat Goes On …”

  1. Kirby Says:

    But it was an unfair and unjust penalty imposed on one who should be exempt from common folk rules – he’s ya’al’s boy!

  2. agiledog Says:

    You don’t do sarcasam very well, Kirby. You exposed both the liberal elitism (“should be exempt from common folk rules“), and your racism (“ya’al’s boy“).

  3. Car in Says:

    Kirby’s no Kwame sympathizer AD.

    Favorite re-elect Kwame poster of mine?

    “HE’S OUR BOY” with the “our” underlined.

  4. Kirby Says:

    AD – don’t jump to conclusions…you don’t know me.

  5. agiledog Says:

    don’t jump to conclusions…you don’t know me

    One more blessing to count….

    So, let’s examine whether my response was “jumping to conclusions”. Was your first comment meant to be sarcasam? I couldn’t tell. It had all the normal condescending scorn of a typical liberal, as well victimhood claims and racism (standard poke at supposed Southern drawl/racism with that “ya’al’s boy”). Yet it seemed to impunge Kwame. So was it sarcasam – I couldn’t tell. And if someone can’t tell when you’ve done sarcasam, maybe you didn’t do a good job at it.

    So maybe it was you (and your sister) who jumped to conclusions – thinking I was commenting about your opinion of Kwame.

  6. Car in Says:

    I was just clarifying.

    My sister was the one who called and told me about the Kwame dealo yesterday.

    I’m working on my sister … to help her make the big leap since she sees and understands the major FAIL that is liberal policies on a micro /city level, that the same is true of liberal policies on a National Level.

    But, it’s baby steps AD.

  7. Kirby Says:

    Kwame is not normal liberal – he was always just out for himself… I think he really saw himself as a King or at least royalty – he wanted to make all the rules and distribute all the wealth.

  8. Hotspur Says:

    Sounds like the classic definition of the liberal politician. Kwame is no different than Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barrack Obama, Monica Conyers, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, etc.

    The beat does indeed go on. And on and on.

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