Zombies and Insurgency

Rise of The Insurgency. Against, I suppose, Zombies, in part.

But, mostly:

The American government has become a gigantic regulatory juggernaut. It decides the fate of individuals, businesses, whole industries, and entire regions. A few lines in a statute, or a paragraph in one of the many administrative codes that enmesh our productive lives, can mean wealth or ruin. This is a huge, unchecked, and increasingly unaccountable power. Where there is such power, as our Founders knew, it will be abused. Picking better people won’t solve the problem, because where such power exists, it will corrupt the people who have access to it. This is a political law almost as universal as those of Newton and Maxwell in the realm of physical phenomena. A regulatory state this powerful will necessarily be corrupting, venal, and suffocating.

This is the Tea Party anger. It’s not fear of the brown. Of hate. This isn’t left versus right.

The most powerful force drives the leviathan-state: rational self-interest. The self-interest of the politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists and their employers (mostly businesses), drives this vampire-leviathan to grow more and more powerful, to consume more and more of the assets and energy of the American people, to became the only path to wealth and status and independence.

Exactly. The Republicans have contribute to this fuckwad too.

Part II here on how to proceed.

There. I’ve given you three excellent articles (I suppose I should hat tip the Puppy Blender, who directed me to some site which eventually lead me to the Zombie article but he doesn’t need my hits)

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