One Nation wrap-up, moving along

By now, everyone’s seen the pictures and read the reports. But here is a nice, tidy package of all the stories and pictures and videos.

Who showed up? Socialists, Commies, and paid union folks. And they left the joint a mess.

From Nice Deb’s wrap-up

The One Nation Rally, had sparse crowds, empty seats in the front of the podium, and people roaming around that held little interest in the speakers. In fact, several speakers attempted to provoke the audience to chant a slogan, only to fail in embarrassment. Even the great orator, Jesse Jackson, failed to whip the crowd up to chant his famous: “Keep Hope Alive” slogan.

Now that the One Nation kerfuffle has been a bust, it’s time to focus on the John Stewert’s Rally to Restore Sanity, which will be at the end of the month. It already has MORE people pledge to attend than the Beck Rally.

Stewart’s rally is supposed to cater to moderates — people who are tired of having to choose between two ideological extremes every time they enter a voting booth. It’s a rally for people who don’t think calling a Democrat a Socialist, or a Republican a Fascist, is productive in the least bit.

There are probably people who will read and say that the rally is not for moderates, and that the majority of Stewart’s viewers are of a liberal mindset. It is possible that they are correct in their judgment, but it is too early to determine the demographics of those who plan on attending the rally. However, most of the posts on the event’s Facebook page have been critical of both political establishments. It should be obvious to anyone who watches “The Daily Show” that Stewart is an equal opportunity comedian who attacks people on both sides of the aisle.

Uhm … well, Stewart has only recently started attacking Obama, which is really no big thing given what a failure he’s been.

Let’s see who’s “fired up” for the Stewart rally:

Watching Glenn Beck a few weeks ago, I realized that while there were people of my age there, I didn’t see in their faces what I feel in my own heart about America and our President, Barack Obama. I support the President and think he is doing an exceptional job. I don’t like everything he has done or not done, but I am not angry at him. I am not angry at the Congress. I know enough to know they try their best, but when they don’t hear from the 80% of us, they have to respond to the 20% who are really angry — and not always sure at what or why. I am not angry at Wall Street even. Wall Street operates perfectly rationally with the rules we give it — if we give it different rules, we will get a different result. I am not angry at corporations either. I worked for quite a few and they generally do what they do in a rational way as well. If we don’t hold them accountable, they will maximize their profit as they always have.

Moderates. Moderately liberal, who think that Obama and Congress are just doing their bestest. Wall Street isn’t evil, it just needs to watched.

HuffPoo is sponsoring buses for the event.


Does Size Matter?.

Why no! Of course, not. What matter is diversity (of skin color), enthusiasm. Passion.

Yea. Whatever.

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