Goldberg poses a simple question:

“Isn’t the education crisis a failure of liberalism?”

Which party do the teachers’ unions support overwhelmingly? What is the ideological outlook of the bureaucrats at the Department of Education? Which party claims it “cares” more about education and demagogues any attempt by the other party to reform it? Who has controlled the large inner city school systems for generations? What is the ideological orientation of the ed school racket? Whose preferred teaching methods have been funded and whose have been ridiculed?


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8 Comments on “Goldberg poses a simple question:”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    No matter how you assess it, the public education system in this country is an utter failure. I t needs to be scrapped.

    Give all parents a voucher for each child. All those parents who like their government school can enroll their kids there. All parents who prefer something else can enroll their kids where they want. For those who wish to home-school, at the end of the year if their kids can demonstrate proficiency, they can cash in the voucher.

    OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. Wouldn’t that make the liberals heads explode?

  2. wiserbud Says:

    Which party do the teachers’ unions support overwhelmingly?…….


    Sorry, I was never really that good at tests.

  3. Cristina Says:

    Government schools have only failed if you think their purpose was to educate your children.

    Why do children need to demonstrate proficiency to a government based on their standard? What if parent’s definition of education does not match government’s?Why parents should give up their definition and accept government’s?

  4. Why parents should give up their definition and accept government’s?

    Because shut up, that’s why.

    Got it?

  5. xbradtc Says:

    That’s an interesting point, Christina.

    I think we can all agree that there should be some baseline competency in reading, writing and maths, but when you get into the other stuff, like social sciences, you see the education business proposing all kinds of goofy stuff, like how to be a good little enviro-Nazi.

  6. Car in Says:

    A more baser question is why is the government involved in education in the first place?

    They suck at it.

  7. Vmaximus Says:

    Government schools teach children that Government is the answer. Duh!

  8. Hotspur Says:

    Hurray for the Detroit public schools. If you show up for school today you get free lunch and a free Target gift card. I’m not sure of the amount, and too indifferent to look.

    Why are they doing this? Because today is the day they count students. The more kids who show up, the more money the system gets from the govt.


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