So, who proudly stands against Beck?

Counter protest to Beck’s gathering to occur at the National Mall.

Hoping to overshadow last month’s large rally led by Glenn Beck that drew many Tea Party advocates and other conservatives, a coalition of liberal groups plan to descend on Washington on Saturday to make the case that they, and not the ascendant right, speak for America’s embattled middle class.

So, who speaks for the middle class?

Why, the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Council of La Raza.

And that’s just the organizations that the Times sees fit to mention in the article. More telling still is the ranks of those left out. Among them:

–Chicago Democratic Socialists of America

–Code Pink

–Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

–Communist Party USA

–Democratic Socialists of America

–International Socialist Organization

–Planned Parenthood

A veritable tapestry of America’s embattled middle class.

What do they want? That hope and change they were promised.

The rally’s platform looks like a liberal wish list: extend unemployment benefits, raise the minimum wage, end the foreclosure epidemic, enact legislation making it easier to join unions, increase infrastructure spending to create jobs, “fix our broke immigration system” and end immigration round-ups that “encourage racial profiling.”

The list of participating organizations found here reads like every other liberal left demonstration that has occurred since 2001 with most organizations being socialist/communist and /or anti war. Some are both:

Capitalism is an outmoded social system now deep in crisis. This crisis is producing a declining standard of living and an escalating drive toward war. This crisis is the unavoidable outcome of capital’s most basic drives. Humanity will only be freed from the barbarism of war, environmental devastation, poverty, unemployment and declining living standards for millions when capitalism has been displaced by a rational, planned, democratic, and participatory economic system: socialism.
Socialism is the political and economic rule of the working class, in which the means of production are under the social ownership of the working class, which democratically plans economic life. The working class organizes its political and economic rule through councils of workers and popular representatives, freely chosen among a variety of organized working class and popular parties.
Socialism can only be achieved by a revolutionary mass political movement of the working class which ends the political rule of the capitalist class and private ownership of the means of production.

Oh goody.

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4 Comments on “So, who proudly stands against Beck?”

  1. xbradtc Says:

    Socialism can only be achieved by a revolutionary mass political movement of the working class which ends the political rule of the capitalist class and private ownership of the means of production.

    I don’t know why, but I’m always astonished to find people advocating a policy that has been shown time after time to lead to nothing but misery and death.

  2. Car in Says:

    The juvenile answer is that it hasn’t been tried correctly of course.
    Even “Animal Farm” was a critic of Stalinism, not socialism.

    What I’d like one of these asshats to answer, is who gets to dig the ditches? Who shovels the shit? If everyone gets paid the same, and everyone is equal, I’m applying for opera singer or something. Artist.

    I mean, certainly – everyone being “equal” – everyone should enjoy my singing voice.

    You can be a professional basketball player xbrad.

  3. TGSG Says:

    Well I’d beeeeeeeeeee
    just a gigolo
    everywhere i went….

    nahhh doesn’t work nevermind

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