Koran burning in perspective

Frontpage, quick hit:

Members of any other religion in the world would dismiss plans to burn their holy book as the unimportant, deluded ravings of an obscure individual who represents nothing more than himself. Muslims and their leftist allies, on the other hand, have managed to elevate Terry Jones into something he never was and never should have been: a global figure who wields immense power. The fact that something like this could occur is not a tribute to Jones’ message and charisma, it’s rather proof of just how powerfully Islamic insecurities influence the West, and particularly the Left.

Of the thirty recognized on-going global conflicts raging today, twenty-eight of them involve Islam in some shape or form. That was the case before Terry Jones got his fifteen minutes of fame and will continue to be so long after Jones disappears into the footnotes of history. Islam continues to be its own worst enemy and the Left, particularly the mainstream media, can’t seem to stop enabling this most insecure of the world’s religions.

Violence and bible burning was going to occur regardless of whether the Koran was torched. Because, you see, Islam is the one true religion.

And, in NYC they take Koran burning so seriously, they fired the fellow who dared to do such a thing from his transit job.


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