Why is college so expensive?

A picture is worth a thousand words:

College has gotten prohibitively expensive, with questionable academics and diminishing returns. And, then there’s this:

Third, college all too often has the effect of fostering in the graduate a sense of entitlement and other attitudes that are dysfunctional in the workplace. Graduates who emerge from their studies equipped with a withering disdain for capitalism, for example, are not too likely to achieve that famous premium in lifetime earnings—though I suppose we should allow for the Ben & Jerry’s exception.

Today’s graduates have significant debt, with few opportunities. Yet, Jennifer Granholm and Obama keep beating that higher-education drum.

National Interest Requires We Maintain the System

This is an argument that I hear mostly from higher education’s official advocacy organizations and the Obama administration: our competitiveness as a nation is at risk if the United States fails to build on the “excellence” already established in our system of colleges and universities. What we need is a major expansion of higher education, supported by substantial increases in state and federal aid to students and to institutions directly.

Nation with the highest percentage of college graduates? Russia.

’nuff said.

Read the whole thing. Lots of links to similar discussions.

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2 Comments on “Why is college so expensive?”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Here’s that same old, tired rally to spend more money on education and give more aid to students. To do what? Stay at college and become professors so we can grow the liberal echo chamber even bigger? Whose money are we going to use so these kids can learn learn to play beer pong and corn hole?

  2. Car in Says:

    They also learn about the patriarchy and the importance of social justice, hotspur.

    There’s more to college than cornholing.

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