before and after

Here’s me from a few years back.


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7 Comments on “before and after”

  1. RiverRat Says:

    I cant believe its been that long that I’ve been stalking, Um I mean visiting your site. I remember the Falls picture. Great looking family. We also need to revive the Famous Craptastic Halloween decorations it getting to be near that time of year.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yes, indeedy River RAt.

    I’m counting on you.

  3. jw Says:

    I like the touch of gray. And that dog is beautiful!

    Family is a mighty fine looking bunch.

  4. DougieOh Says:

    And Ethan is fixin’ his sh*t.

  5. xbradtc Says:

    Who’s that holding your leash in the first pic?

  6. Kirby Says:

    LOL… Dougie… his dad taught him that move.

  7. Car in Says:

    That *is* the “fixin’ his shit picture.

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