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Oh, looky. Markos Moulitsas has an article about his new book. According to him, the “radical” right is just like the jihadists. Except without the stoning, beheading, suicide belts, and flying planes into buildings. Other than that? EXACTLY alike.

[T]here is no daylight between the views of radical jihadists and the American radical right. Fact is, I loathe jihadists for the exact same reasons I hate the modern conservative movement — because whether it’s their violent outlook, or their views on women and gays, or their hostility to knowledge and science, or their fear of pop culture, they are essentially cut from the same controlling, ideological cloth.

Ok, the “fear of pop culture” made me LOL. I’m not afraid of Lady GaGa, she just sucks. Regardless, his book is about four years too late. Strike that, six years too late. It prolly would have had great traction in the Bush/Kerry election.

This simplistic, hyperbolic view of Conservatives, is tired. The control of the “religious right” was always overblown. Conservatives running now are pushing the Constitution, not the bible, and liberals know this is a losing proposition for them.

Thus, you see Moulitsas pushing a tired argument and liberals “running” against Bush this election season.

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12 Comments on “Trolling Huffpo”

  1. OceanCat Says:

    “Pushing the Constitution”???

    You mean, like, the part where property owners shouldn’t be allowed to build a religious institution on their own property?

    Snicker – pushing-the-constitution – snicker. Good one.

  2. Hotspur Says:


    OceanCat, pulls the same bullshit liberal meme. The mosque is not opposed on constitutional grounds, as every single conservative will affirm, it is opposed on humanitarian grounds, as not one liberal will acknowledge. It is an in your face tactic being used by radical islamists, and it stinks to high heaven.

    But you just keep following your MSNBC marching orders like a good little zombie.

  3. Car in Says:

    OC, it helps, if you want to address our argument, to actually READ what our argument is.

    I doubt you will.

  4. OceanCat Says:

    There is nothing humanitarian about ANY religion, not Islam, not Judaism, and definitely not Christianity. They are ALL businesses, in business to make money and control those people who are gullible enough to believe in supernatural gods. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about me. They care about money and control. Period. If we allow Christian and Jewish buildings-of-brainwashing, we have to allow islamic buildings-of-brainwashing. So your humanitarian argument is pure bullshit.

  5. Hotspur Says:

    Way to go off topic on an anti-religion hate rant. That whooshing sound you heard was my point flying over your head. Nobody is saying they CAN’T build a mosque.

    But keep building those strawmen.

  6. OceanCat Says:

    When you say stupid shit like Conservatives-are-pushing-the-Constitution, it IS on topic to point out recent examples of Conservatives-tearing-down-the-Constitution.

  7. Hotspur Says:

    You can’t read, can you?

  8. agiledog Says:

    it IS on topic to point out recent examples of Conservatives-tearing-down-the-Constitution.

    Okay. You go first. Please give me an example of that.

  9. Car in Says:

    This is a can versus should issue, Ocean. The Constitution has nothing to do with it.

  10. Steve B Says:

    or their hostility to knowledge and science

    Nice. Cuz, you know, only a true PROGRESSIVE could every appreciate anything like higher larnin’. Unlike us knuckledragging, mouth-breathin’ Tea Partiers.

    You know, because of the tolerance, and open-mindedness of our lefty brethren. Upon whom we should apparently rely for our intellectual and social discernment, as we are just too darn ….ing stupid to figger it out fer ourselfs.

  11. agiledog Says:

    Sadly, Steve B, that is exactly the mental image OceanCat and her liberal eliate have of conservatives.

  12. You mean, like, the part where property owners shouldn’t be allowed to build a religious institution on their own property?

    You mean the property they half own?

    The property they made grandiose plans for without ever consulting the other owner?

    The property they misrepresented as being they’re own in fee simple when they sought the necessary local approvals? That property?

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