About those Recovery Act signs

Baa haa haaa:

In mind-numbing, bureaucratic detail, Obama-led agencies describe how the “Recovery Act” logo must be the most prominent feature of the sign, which should seek to “minimize any accompanying text.” The “Recovery Act” logo, in fact, should be “roughly twice the height” of the DOT logo, and “no other logos (state, city, county, corporate, etc.) should appear,” Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) guidance states.

After facing criticism about the signs, they’ve decided to ease-up on the propaganda campaign. They are no longer “required” to use the signs, but still “encouraged.”

Notably, the Obama administration began relaxing the sign requirements around the time Issa – and the stimulus law’s oversight board on his behalf – began pressing the administration on the issue.

DOT stopped requiring stimulus signs July 15. The Federal Transit Administration “updated” its policy to merely “encourage” the signs on Aug. 14, only three days before the DOT Inspector General released his report to Issa. In the meantime, much of the stimulus funding has already gone out the door.

The excuse the Obama administration has given for the signs is that it provides “transparency” and “accountability” for how our stimulus dollars are being used. Huh. So those signs were supposed to clear it all up ?

I suggest if you’re really interested, you check out the WSJ. They’ve got his nifty chart. It breaks down spending by state and type.

So, let me see … for Michigan:

There was $982,161,300 spending under the category “Infrastructure/transportation” tab. That’s all those road signs. For the transparancy and accountability.

Under social spending … no signs for these:

Education- $2,716,940,014.

Oh, my. That’s a bigger number, isn’t it?

HUD – $259,812,168. What does HUD money stimulate?

Health $986,814,920. While a nice thing … again, what is this stimulating?

Crime Fighting $114,850,216.

Job training $247,844,602 . What jobs are they training them for? Who’s hiring?

Arts – $345,100. Kind of a paltry sum. I wonder who got that money?

Food and Farming – $83,606,625. Again, where did this money go?

Social Security – $467,180,000. [fingers in ears] It’s not going Bankrupt. It’s NOT.

Americorps- $3,154,146. Three million isn’t that much, but by my accounting, it’s three million too much. Why is Americorps getting any stimulus money?

If you really wanna see some big numbers, check out what California got.

$9,333,470,165 for Education. Yes, that’s 9 bu-bu-bu-billion. And, they got $3,638,017,013 for their road signs*.

* Yea, I know. For their road work. Whatever.

So, go check out the chart. It’s fun guaranteed to depress.

And, even though it’s not FIAF (that was yesterday) I’m throwing a video here to cheer you up.


It seemed appropriate.

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4 Comments on “About those Recovery Act signs”

  1. Steve B Says:

    SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! All those numbers are confusing! What, do you hate black people, so you have to stir up a bunch of negativity against our First Black PresidentΘ (pbuh)?11?!

    Oh. Sorry. Slipped into my Air America alternate ego there for a sec.

    Anybody who was actually paying attention knew that most of the “stimulus” was really just blood money paid back to the special interests that got him into office.

    But, you know, BUSHITLERHALIBURTON!!

  2. josh1340 Says:

    Those numbers are just plain scary. Great blog, keep up the good work and keep us informed.

  3. Hotspur Says:

    It’s not Carin’s job to keep us informed. It’s her job to make us sammiches.

  4. Car in Says:

    And retrieve juiceboxes. Don’t forget those.

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