What is this …./ trolling through HuffPo

I didn’t realize that “Time” magazine was a “right-wing mouthpiece.” Baa haa haaaa.

And, how to mix campaigning with “official events”, so that the taxpayer picks up your tab:

The ostensible purpose of the Texas day trip was education. At the University of Texas in Austin, Obama outlined his college agenda, largely a recitation of steps already taken, if perhaps overshadowed by Washington’s din.

Holding the official event along with his political appearances means the White House could bill taxpayers for most of the costs of the trip.

Obama squeezed the University of Texas speech between two fundraisers. I wonder how they break up the cost?

I really “enjoyed” Obama’s comment that he believes the Republicans have “forgotten” that he’s a good “politiker”. Oh no. We haven’t forgotten. That’s the ONLY thing you’re good at.

President Barack Obama warned Republicans on Monday that he is back in campaign mode.

In a fundraising speech in Austin, Texas, Obama complained that while his administration has been governing the country since January 2009, Republicans have been trying to obstruct progress.

“There has been a fundamental lack of seriousness on the other side,” Obama said. “We’ve spent the last 20 months governing; they have spent the last 20 months politicking.”

In reference to the upcoming November congressional elections, Obama said: “Well, we can politick for three months. They forgot I’m pretty good at politicking.”

Obama is so good at politiking, that’s all he’s basically done. He may be the greatest politiker EVER.

“Back in campaign mode.” Heh. When was he ever “out” of campaign mode.

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3 Comments on “What is this …./ trolling through HuffPo”

  1. Hotspur Says:


    Pretty good at “politiking?”

    More like “Kiss of Death” lately.

  2. agiledog Says:

    More like “Kiss of Death” lately.

    Isn’t he something like 0-5 for candidate support since getting elected?

  3. jw Says:

    Before I ever got to the end of your post…my thoughts exactly. “When is he EVER out of campaign mode?”

    ^^*high fives Ms. Carin*^^

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