Higher Education

There are three rather related articles in the interwebs today.

I start you off with this bit from the WSJ: Obama to Tout Education Efforts:

The White House, concerned about the country’s lagging college-graduation rates, is pushing a plan aimed at helping an additional eight million young adults earn college degrees in the next decade.

In a speech at the University of Texas at Austin on Monday, President Barack Obama will tout a series of measures, many implemented over the past year, designed to put more Americans through college, according to White House officials.

According to Obama, we all need to get us some education and then the American economy will totally take off because we'll be all smart and shit.

Many of the steps that Mr. Obama is expected to mention already are in place. As part of the health-care legislation passed in March, Congress approved a $60 billion student loan overhaul that puts money back into community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and Pell Grants. The White House estimates that additional funding for Pell Grants, which help low-income students, will benefit one million additional students.

Not to mention, that deal where people who go into “public service” will qualify for loan forgiveness.

And then there’s this:

If you have a child in college, or are planning to send one there soon, Craig Brandon has a message for you: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

“The Five-Year Party” provides the most vivid portrait of college life since Tom Wolfe’s 2004 novel, “I Am Charlotte Simmons.” The difference is that it isn’t fiction. The alcohol-soaked, sex-saturated, drug-infested campuses that Mr. Brandon writes about are reall.[]
Many of the schools Mr. Brandon describes are education-free zones, where students’ eternal obligations—do the assigned reading, participate in class, hand in assignments—no longer apply.

Colleges have dumbed-down curriculum and inflated the grades. Freshman courses are often glorified high-school level courses, but you’re paying (a LOT) for it.

So then we have Glenn Reynolds’ advice.

So my advice to students faced with choosing colleges (and graduate schools, and law schools) this coming year is simple: Don’t go to colleges or schools that will require you to borrow a lot of money to attend. There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself deep in debt to no purpose. And maybe you should rethink college entirely.

Far be it from me to point to conspiracy theories, but pushing a “higher education” agenda on the entire population really does little but prop up the “higher education” industry. Most folks waste their time and money on an education that they’ll never use.

Of course, time is needed to propagandize our young minds into progressivism, and what better place but a university?

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