WTF is Geithner talking about?

I direct your attention, specifically, to this bit:

“Every business in America today is in a much better position than they were, not just 18 months ago, but than I think many of them expected to be at this point,” Geithner said at a breakfast with reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Geithner was responding to this bit of grumbling from business leaders about Obama’s policies and the uncertainty they’ve created.

“Businesses always want their taxes lower and always want to live with low regulation,” Geithner said. “There is nothing remarkable, or particularly interesting frankly, that we’re in the midst of another debate, which you hear in almost any administration, with people looking for ways to help affect the outcome on the basic path of regulation and taxes.”

So, are businesses not growing or hiring simply to make Obama look bad? Are they …. raacist? What other excuse does Turbo-Tax Timmy have?

In the case of the health bill, for example, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a Republican, said in a recent speech that the answer to every question that his state government asks about the new law’s impact is: “We won’t know until the regs come out.”

Daniels said there are over 200 instances where the law says the government “may” do something and about 100 portions of the law that says the Secretary of Health and Human Services “may determine” something.

“There are an awful lot of unknowns in there,” Daniels said of the health law.

As for the financial regulation bill, it was high on the list of “government initiatives that will cause slower rather than faster growth” in a 54-page letter sent by Seidenberg and the Business Roundtable to Obama’s budget director, Peter Orszag.

“Much of the language is vague and will need to be implemented through regulation; uncertainty surrounding the specifics of those regulations is inhibiting growth right now,” the letter said, estimating that the financial regulation bill will cost the U.S. economy about 100,000 jobs per year.

But according to Timmy …

Geithner acknowledged that there is some uncertainty in the private sector for business, but said it is caused mainly by “deep scars” still left over from the financial crisis of late 2008.

“The big uncertainty that the world is still in … is that people, again, scarred by the trauma induced by the crisis are still looking to see how strong is growth going to be,” he said.

He didn’t say the name, but basically he’s blaming Bush for the lack of current robustness in the economy. It would be growing if only people didn’t have those “deep scars” left over from the Bush years.

More excuses:

Jared Bernstein, a top White House economic adviser who is on Vice President Joe Biden’s staff, said Wednesday that “President Obama is obviously deeply pro-business, pro-markets.”

“I’d absolutely reject the premise that somehow there is an opposition there,” Bernstein said in a conference call with reporters to preview the president’s trip to Kansas City.

Bernstein said that “some of this discussion of uncertainty reflects a transition out of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, a downturn that was caused by a financial meltdown that absolutely had to be addressed, and the president’s financial regulation agenda … is critical in that regard.”

Read more:

So, just remember. Your business is doing better today than it was 18 months ago. Got it? It’s your obligation to put up with whatever tax or regulation the elites in Washington decide to impose on you. Someone’s got to pay for the Kobe beef. Your complaints are boring and uninteresting.

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