I call this poem …

Under Consideration.

Belgium skimmer, fire boom
Canadian dispersant, skimmer
Chinese containment boom
Denmark Containment boom
El Salvadorian skimmers
European Maritime Safety Agency Boom, Skimmers, Vessels, and Sweeping Arms
French containment boom, people, bird rehabilitation equipment
German containment and fire boom, and people/technical help
Irish general offer of assistance
Israeli containment boom
Italian vessels, people/technical help
Japanese containment boom, skimmers
Joint UNEP OCHA environment unit people/technical help
Kenyan fire boom
Mexican dispersant
Netherlands vessel, people technical help
Norwegian dispersant, people/technical help
Portuguese high-capacity skimmers/collectors
Romanian general offer of help
Russian containment boom, vessels, oil storage containers, people/tech help
Republic of Korea dispersant, containment boom, skimmers, people/tech help
Spanish containment and fire boom, sweeping arms
Swedish containment and fire boom, skimmers, people/tech help
tunisian fire boom
Turkish skimmers
Quatar containment boom, skimmers
UAE dispersant, containment boom, skimmers
UK dispersant, containment boom, vessels
Vietnamese vessels w/sweeping arms.

h/t Hot Air

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