Should we wait for their report?

Or, can we just do away with the formalities and simply announce what the findings will be of Obama’s Gulf spill commission?

The seven-member team is made up of environmental activists and a Democrat.

Bob Graham – Democrat, fought drilling in Florida.
William Reilly – Ran EPA, former president of WWF.
Donald Boesch – biological oceanographer. Opposed drilling of Virginia coasts.
Terry Garcia – Exec VP of National Geographic Society.
Fran Ulmer – Oppose nuclear power and offshore drilling.
Frances Beinecke – Pres of Natural Resources Defense Council. Against offshore and Arctic drilling.
Cherry A. Murray– engineer, specializing in physics and optics. Harvard professor. **

In the beginning of June, Obama pledged a “tough” inquiry into the disaster.

“We have an obligation to investigate what went wrong and to determine what reforms are needed so that we never have to experience a crisis like this again,” the president said after meeting with the co-chairs of an independent commission he created to investigate the disaster.

Mr Obama said he had given the commission power to request information from the government and companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon rig, including BP, Transocean and Halliburton.

What we are going to get is a forgone conclusion. Drilling is bad, we need to stop it. Cap and Trade!

The choice of men and women who are long opposed to more drilling suggests not a fair technical inquiry but an antidrilling political agenda. With the elections approaching and Democrats down in the polls, the White House is looking to change the subject from health care, the lack of jobs and runaway deficits. Could the plan be to try to wrap drilling around the necks of Republicans, arguing that it was years of GOP coziness with Big Oil that led to the spill?

Captain Kick Ass needs someone to save his butt. And, while he doesn’t have George Bush to kick around any more, he’s going to do his damn most to place the blame on Republicans.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel took this theme for a test drive on Sunday when he said that Republicans think “the aggrieved party here is BP, not the fisherman.” He added that this ought to remind Americans “what Republican governance is like.” The antidrilling commission could feed into this campaign narrative with a mid-September, pre-election report that blames the disaster on the industry and Bush-era regulators and recommends a ban on most offshore exploration. The media would duly salute, while Democrats could then take the handoff and force antidrilling votes on Capitol Hill.

Never let a crises go to waste.

Regardless, the useful idiots can’t let go the lie about this commission. They are still calling it a “bipartisan” commission.

The bipartisan Commission, established through an Executive Order, is tasked with providing recommendations on how we can prevent – and mitigate the impact of – any future spills that result from offshore drilling. The Council is co-chaired by former two-term Florida Governor and former U.S. Senator Bob Graham and former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency William K. Reilly.

The ONLY claim on bipartisanship is that Reilly served under George H. W. Bush as head of the EPA. But it’s a folly to say he represents bipartisanship. No, it’s a lie. Here’s a bit more about him.

William K. Reilly is a Founding Partner of Aqua International Partners, a private equity fund dedicated to investing in companies engaged in water and renewable energy, and a Senior Advisor to TPG, an international investment partnership. Mr. Reilly served as the first Payne Visiting Professor at Stanford University (1993-1994), administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1989-1993), President of the World Wildlife Fund (1985-1989), President of The Conservation Foundation (1973-1989), and Director of the Rockefeller Task Force on Land Use and Urban Growth from (1972-1973). He was head of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Earth Summit at Rio in 1992.

This is the representative from the right?

** Looking up Cherry Murray, there isn’t much on her except that she’s a scientist having NOTHING to to with the field of oil, but then there is this anonymous comment from over a year ago when she was named dean at Harvard.

Who cares? She’s just another overpaid double dipper politician no better then those in Washington, DC. Next step is Obama’s cabinet where she can really become a burden to our nation and the tax payer wallet.

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