FIAF/ Oil Spill edition

David Warren on Obama’s Ship of Fools, the Jones act, regulatory capture, and liberals:

And let me note, caustically, that President Obama is pretty liberal right across the board. Bush had not, as his successor has, loaded up a ship of fools consisting of academic ideologues, under no particular direction from a captain who is himself off playing golf, and partying with America’s coolest people. Which is exactly what Obama was doing for weeks after April 20, when Deepwater Horizon blew up; though to be fair we should also mention the fundraisers and commencement speeches. But there is little evidence that, away from his TelePrompTer, he does anything except appoint more fools to run the government for him.

h/t: Darleen.

Noonan on Captain Kick-Ass:

Two growing weaknesses showed up in small phrases. The president said he had consulted among others “experts in academia” on what to do about the calamity. This while noting, again, that his energy secretary has a Nobel Prize. There is a growing meme that Mr. Obama is too impressed by credentialism, by the meritocracy, by those who hold forth in the faculty lounge, and too strongly identifies with them. He should be more impressed by those with real-world experience. It was the “small people” in the shrimp boats who laid the boom.

Captain Kick-Ass doesn’t trust the small people. They can’t make their own decisions, or look out for themselves. That’s why he doesn’t trust ’em with this. Exit question: How many Harvard grads does it take to Plug The Damn Hole?

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2 Comments on “FIAF/ Oil Spill edition”

  1. agiledog Says:

    Exit question: How many Harvard grads does it take to Plug The Damn Hole?

    Given that the average human body is approximately 2 cubic feet, I estimate it will take the entire gradutating classes from 1935 through 1987.

    On the other hand, given how dense some of them seem to be, it might only take two.

  2. geoff Says:

    Exit question: How many Harvard grads does it take to Plug The Damn Hole?

    I don’t know, but I promise not to quit adding Harvard grads until I find out.

    That’s the empirical way.

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