This guy is a Columbia prof? The hell you say? The Columbia that invited Ahmadinejad to speak?

[T]he Obama administration has restored strained alliances and friendships around the world, while weakening the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Several studies of international attitudes demonstrate that the election of Mr. Obama, with his call for partnership, respect for international rules on prisoners, and acceptance of the responsibilities associated with climate change, transformed America from a lonely superpower often seen as a threat to international order back into an indispensable leader in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Obambi is the BESTEST foreign policy president EVA!

Regarding Iran, while it is true we are no closer to a solution to Tehran’s nuclear ambitions today, there have been two important developments. As a result of the Obama administration’s openness to diplomacy and the respect this attitude has garnered, the Iranian government has less support at home, less credibility in the region, and fewer friends in the world. New sanctions imposed at the U.N. last week with the support of Russia and China won’t solve the problem but will complicate Tehran’s nuclear program, ensure that a price is paid for noncompliance, and compound Iran’s isolation.>

So ronry. But, there have been important developments in Iran since Obambi took office. There’s been a Freedom Recession.

America’s new standard-bearer, President Barack Obama, had come to a conviction that the pursuit of freedom in distant lands was not a legitimate American concern. From his first days in office, Mr. Obama signaled his resignation toward the despotisms of the Greater Middle East: He would take them as they come.

For the Iranian regime in particular, Mr. Obama held out the promise of “engagement.” This was to be his diplomatic showcase, the purest embodiment of his break with his predecessor’s legacy. Full of hubris about the appeal of his own biography to Muslims, Mr. Obama was certain that his diplomacy would work where George W. Bush’s hard line toward the theocracy had failed.

Then came last June’s election and an outpouring by the Iranian people for representative democracy. The Obama diplomacy was caught flatfooted by the tumult, to say the least. Mr. Obama had bet on Iran’s rulers, but a democratic opposition—in our image, speaking the language of democracy and unfurling its banners—was in the streets contesting the rulers’ will and the rulers’ truth. It was a moment of supreme embarrassment for the United States—a case of both strategic and moral failure on the part of the president.

And a bit of The Hammer:

The Russians and Chinese bargained furiously and successfully to hollow out the sanctions resolution. Turkey is openly choosing sides with the region’s “strong horse” — Iran and its clients (Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas) — as it watches the United States flailingly try to placate Syria and appease Iran while it pressures Israel, neglects Lebanon, and draws down its power in the region.

To say nothing of Brazil. Et tu, Lula?

This comes after 16 months of assiduously courting these powers with one conciliatory gesture after another: “resetting” relations with Russia, kowtowing to China, lavishing a two-day visit on Turkey highlighted by a speech to the Turkish parliament in Ankara, and elevating Brazil by supplanting the G-8 with the G-20. All this has been read as American weakness, evidence that Obama can be rolled.

Ass-kicking cowboy talk aside, Obama can be rolled.

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