Useful Idiots

An essay in pictures stolen borrowed from Mark Murphy.

See the problem here?

I direct your eye to that red flag on the right side.

Let me help you out. Here’s is the Hamas version of gay “pride”:

And here’s the Israeli version of gay pride:

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4 Comments on “Useful Idiots”

  1. agiledog Says:

    Just as I don’t understand general support for President Obama among Jews, I don’t understand the LGBT support for Muslims. I thought folks were suppose to act in their own best interest?

  2. wiserbud Says:

    It’s a damn shame that stupid isn’t painful.

  3. Car in Says:

    Yep, it was very reminiscent of what Zombie captured. These were from Ireland (for those that didn’t check out the Mark Murphy blog).

  4. dick Says:

    I love hot lesbians. Actually, I wanna be one.

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