Is Obama Anti-Semitic?

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? The Jews backed Obama with 77% of their votes.

Consider Obama’s presidential record on judging events. When lawyer Obama heard only scant details of Professor Gates’ arrest, he didn’t bat an eyelash before publicly declaring that the police “acted stupidly.” When President Obama learned of Chávez-wannabe Zelaya being exiled from Honduras, he took the side of Zelaya without even the slightest hesitation, and he even threw the weight of the entire U.S. government against the tiny, struggling Honduran democracy. When Eric Holder announced that he intended to grant the 9/11 terrorists civilian trials in the heart of NYC, President Obama needed no time to study the issue, gather all the facts, or hold any public investigations on the matter. President Obama seems to have no difficulty whatsoever taking sides.

Yet whenever the president is confronted with events in which Jews or Muslims are concerned, we encounter an altogether different Obama persona. We see the dodger. We see the presumed thinker. We see the lawyer calling for all the facts, all the wider ramifications, all the possible contingencies. In every instance of terrorist killing or foiled killing since taking office, President Obama has dodged the one word that fits: “Muslim.” He has removed every mention of Islam from all intelligence material on terrorism. Since day one of his presidency, we have seen a man seemingly going out of his way to soothe the hurt feelings of Muslims, all the while publicly insulting and humiliating the Jewish Prime Minister of Israel. Now, with clear film showing soldiers mercilessly beaten by a savage gang and firing in self-defense, the president dithers, joins an immoral U.N. condemnation of the Israelis, and continues to “gather facts.”

You know, the Jews should just go back to Poland and Germany. I’m just saying.

This isn’t going to end well. H/t Gateway Pundit.

What could go wrong?
The murderous Iranian regime announced yesterday that they would send two ships to Gaza this week. One ship will be filled with “relief workers.”
Sure… Relief workers.

I’m sure Obama will have a response for this. have another party to go to this week.

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One Comment on “Is Obama Anti-Semitic?”

  1. clintbird Says:

    Is this a “Duh!” question?

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