What did I tell you?

What did I say about the killing of Aiyana in Detroit during the raid for accused murderer Chancey Owens? Now we learn this.

Chauncey Owens, according to a statement read in court Tuesday, told police he was the driver and the gunman. With him, the statement said, were Little James, Dirt and C.J.

On Wednesday, three people familiar with the case said that C.J. is Charles Jones, the father of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was fatally shot during the police search for Owens.

The Free Press did a whole story on “C.J.” a few days after Aiyana’s death, where he went on and on about how Aiyana had him wrapped around his finger, yada yada yada, crocodile tears.

Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who represents the Jones family in a civil suit filed against the Detroit Police Department, dismissed questions Wednesday about C.J.

“What does that have to do with me?” Fieger said.

Let me break it down for you, Geoffry. You are represented a young man in a suit against the police for the fatal shooting of an innocent young girl who not only allowed a murderer to sleep under the same roof as his child, BUT WAS IN THE FUCKING SUV DURING THE SHOOTING of Je’Rean Blake.

Jones said he wanted “the truth” about his daughter’s death, and previously told the Free Press he wants an apology from police.

Who owes whom an apology? I think Jones needs to apologize to his dead daughter for being a thug, and idiot, and an apparent fuck-up as a father.

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3 Comments on “What did I tell you?”

  1. jw Says:

    I told my hubby, when this first came out, ” I wonder who this C.J. person is. There is just not much to go on in this story as it is written.” He said, “What ya wanna bet C.J. is a relative of some sort?”

    This whole thing makes me ill.

    Awww well, another day, another child killed for the recklessness of their father.


  2. DougieOh Says:

    ‘Apparent’ fuck up? Are we getting soft?

  3. Car in Says:

    Sorry Doug. fixt

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