I never thought I’d say this

Fuck you Paul McCartney.

McCartney thanked Obama for the honor and, in a short political comment, said that he and “billions” of others supported what the president was doing in the face of many challenges. Later, McCartney ended the night by saying, in reference to the prize from the Library of Congress, it was good that after the last eight years, America had a president who knew what a library was.

Mr. Too-Busy -To-Meet-with-the-Goveerner-of-Arizona was kicking back last night.

President Barack Obama awarded McCartney the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song and then, along with a little help from some of his friends, such as Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris and others, McCartney rocked the East Room of the White House.

Nice to know that Obama has time for celebrities and college athletes, but not for us.

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6 Comments on “I never thought I’d say this”

  1. agiledog Says:

    Paul is right – billions, as in the Chinese.

    I have never liked the Beatles – I think Paul sucks as a musician. And letting Linda on-stage? Black mark on his judgement, too.

    Once again: why do I care what a musician thinks about anything other than music? Is he a paid political analyst? No? Then he’s a hack. Shut up and sing. Or, in his case: just Shut Up.

  2. geoff Says:

    agiledog: I concur on all points.

  3. When I want inspiured political commentary from a Beatle, I’ll ask Ringo.

  4. Hotspur Says:

    So Mr. Dropped-Out-of-High-School takes a cheap shot at a President of a country where he is a guest, a President with a Masters Degree from Harvard no less, and whose wife is a librarian.

    You’re not Sir Paul in my country, here you’re just one of those hippie freaks that got busted for drugs in Germany. And you hold the guitar the wrong way.

    I demand that the Library of Congress revoke the award.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  5. maggie katzen Says:

    yeah, that takes some special stupid to not know what a library is when your wife is a librarian.

    Also, from what I can’t find…. GWB hates music. He didn’t take part in the Gershwin concert for Paul Simon. There’s some kind of “which President is goofing off more?” comparison in there I think.

  6. dick Says:

    Just another fuckin’ celebrity spouting off shit of which they have no clue.

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