Hooters, who cares

Local story here in Michigan, a young woman was told to lose weight or turn in her Hooter’s outfit. Actually, they offered her a free 30-day membership to a gym, while she was put on “weight probation.”

She looks ok to me. Shrug.

Is 132 pounds too much to squeeze into a Hooters Girl uniform? It is, according to 20-year-old Cassie Smith, a two-year employee at Hooters in Roseville, who says management asked her to drop some pounds in order to keep her job.
Smith said she was horrified, heartbroken and humiliated, and she is considering a weight discrimination lawsuit against the restaurant.

You’ll have to forgive my lack of outrage. She was prolly perfectly content to score the job, because she was pretty and skinny enough. Everyone know the deal with Hooters. Sure, the company is creepy to fire her if she gained a few pounds. But, I wouldn’t have gotten a job where my @ss was my chief qualifier. You can’t both play the game, and then bitch it.

Also, much is being made of the Hooter’s uniform sizes, available only in small, extra small, and extra-extra small. But this isn’t as it appears.

Ideally one would fit within the xxx-small through small range. Before panicking, realize that Hooters takes vanity sizing to the extreme. Basically, a xxx-small at Hooters is the equivalent of an extra small in the real world (sizes zero to two), an xx-small is equal to a real world small (sizes three to five), a small would normally be a medium (sizes six to eight), and a medium at Hooters would be a large elsewhere (sizes nine to twelve). This means that as a size ten, a Hooters medium, you fall within the range necessary to fit in to the Hooters shorts.

Honestly, I won’t even EAT at Hooters. Forgive me for my lack of outrage.

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6 Comments on “Hooters, who cares”

  1. agiledog Says:

    I’ve never been to a Hooters, so I don’t know how far along their uniforms are on the sleaze factor. But I think you have it right: But, I wouldn’t have gotten a job where my @ss was my chief qualifier. You can’t both play the game, and then bitch it. She got a job based on looks, and then bitches when they comment on her looks? Cognative diconnect, there.

  2. Car in Says:

    Not to be a bitch (but I am) but I half-feel her opinions could be summed up with the following :

    How dare you say I’m too fat!? I’m HAWT.

    Presenting it as if you are some aggrieved feminist? Look as long as you were in “the club” you were perfectly ok with objectification. With perpetuating those ridged standards of feminine “perfection.”

    She wasn’t attempting to expand the idea of womanly beauty until someone told her she didn’t fit the barbie model.

    And her respone? I DO TOO!

  3. geoff Says:

    I like Hooters restaurants. Food’s not all that great, but they’re fun and relaxing, and the girls are easy on the eyes. I go every couple of years, but would go more often if they served a beer I liked.

    The funny part about the news story is that the focus is on her being “nowhere near overweight.” That’s not the criterion, folks. The criterion is “hot enough to wear absurdly tight shorts and tops without making customers lose their appetite.” By that measure, Cassie’s pushing the line.

  4. I went to a Hooters once. 20 years ago, in Bay City, Michigan. The food was awful, and cold. We were shown to the worst table in the place (I don’t know who wants to eat right next to the restroom), and not only did we have an ugly waitress, but she kept trying to charge my friend for a beer she never brought him.

    I’ve never darkened their door again.

  5. Steve B Says:

    Hooters is weird. It’s like a strip club, without the stripping. You are supposed to oogle the girls, but they bill themselves as a “family” restaurant. Yeah right. It go in there with my wife, I leave with a black eye.

    I went in there by myself once, and the waitress would stop by, sit down at the table and chat me up. I kept expecting her to ask me if I wanted a table dance.

    Food was okay, but then again, no matter what they say, people don’t go to Hooters for the great food.

  6. Car in Says:

    My husband’s been to Hooters a few times. Overpriced, lousy wings and bad service.

    He could care less about the scenery. You can check out girls everywhere w/o having to buy an overprice hamburger.

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