Tangled Web

A Seven-year old was shot and killed Sunday in Detroit when a police handgun accidently fired during a raid.
Today, a police investigation found stolen cars in the yard of the duplex.

Fieger is on the case, of course, with two lawsuits.

But let’s not forget who is truly to blame for this.

Earlier in the day, there was a slew of charges against 34-year-old Chauncey Owens, the man who’s alleged actions put the tragic events in motion. Investigators say he shot and killed 17-year-old Jerean Blake outside a party store Friday afternoon allegedly because he did not like they way Blake was looking at him.

“He (needs) to get the death penalty, just like he took my cousin,” said Yvonne Johnson.

“I just can’t understand how a grown man can take a child’s life,” said Regina Morgan, the victim’s aunt.

The Detroit Police Special Response Team was looking for Owens at a home on Lillibridge at 12:40 Sunday morning when an officer accidentally shot and killed seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in the downstairs flat. Owens, the fiancee of Aiyana’s aunt, was arrested in the upstairs flat

Alleged murderer Chancy Owens was engaged to Aiyana’s aunt. Owens murdered one young man, and then sought refuge among children. The child’s FAMILY was content to allow a murderer to sleep under the same roof.

Jeffrey Feiger claims that the bullet that killed little Aiyana came from outside of the home, not from an accidental discharge resulting from a physical confrontation with the victims grandmother as claimed by DPD.

John Conyers is also on the case.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers called Wednesday for the nation’s top law enforcement official to investigate the shooting death of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones during a Detroit police raid early Sunday at an east-side duplex, saying a “wave of violence” is striking the city and its people need to know their safety is a national priority.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Conyers — a Detroit Democrat who chairs the House Judiciary Committee that oversees Holder’s Justice Department — said federal resources are needed to ensure the case gets the “close scrutiny” it deserves. The letter comes in the wake of Aiyana’s family and their attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, making claims that police were in the wrong in the girl’s death.

Lord help us. The “wave of violence” stems not from the police department, and this one tragic event doesn’t deserve the focus that the race baiters are sure to misdirect.

Al Sharpton is to deliver the eulogy at Aiyana’s funeral. Who will he blame? The police, or the thug and murderer who brought the police to the door? The miscreant who hid with women and children; who took a bullet for him. The family who allowed him to sleep there, with babies in the house?

Hopefully it’s not going to be a long, hot summer in Detroit.

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11 Comments on “Tangled Web”

  1. TGSG Says:

    I have an extra room here C arin, if’n it would ease yer mind. ok seriously.. i really don’t understand that mindset at all. makes my brain hurt to think anyone would shelter someone like that.

  2. Bob Says:

    Just get Rand Paul up there promoting some racial discrimination by private businesses!


  3. Kirby Says:

    The DPD obviously are due some liability, because a child is dead. BUT the murderer of if the 17 yr old that set this in motion is the true criminal.

    BTW – for clarification and to expose all the facts this was a 2 family home – duplex and the killer was not in same apt as the child – that will be Fieger’s case.

    Never the less, these folks that lost a baby Sat nite/Sun Morn.. were at the lawyers Monday morning… is that the first thing you would do after losing a child?

  4. Car in Says:

    But, the warrant was for both “homes” since they didn’t know which one the guy was in. The murderer was dating the girl’s aunt, so it wasn’t as if the two homes were occupied completely independent of each other.

    Feiger can take a flying fuck at the moon.

  5. Car in Says:

    As for police liability – I’m waiting to see what investigations say.

  6. […] have the Justice Department investigate. Not to be left behind, especially in an election year, US Rep. John Conyers sent Holder a letter requesting federal resources to ensure the case gets the “close scrutiny” it deserves. Conyers (D-Detroit) is […]

  7. xbradtc Says:

    Maybe the aunt or the grandmother can be charged with harboring a fugitive. And if that’s a felony level charge, throw a felony murder charge at ’em as well.

  8. What is this “private property” of which Bob speaks?

    I only know of property that government will let people hold in their own name, as long as they pay taxes on it and don’t do anything with it that violates zoning regulations, environmental laws, or hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t think that qualifies as “private property”.

  9. agiledog Says:

    Just when I thought we’d lost all the assholes here, Bob pops up with another attempt at misdirection. Just what does Rand Paul have to do with the post, Bobbie?

    I don’t usually agree with Kirby, but she does try to stick with the topic at hand. And she is adding information along with her opinion in this post, Bobbie. What value do you think you bring?

    Carin/Kirby: can you clarify this: from an accidental discharge resulting from a physical confrontation with the victims grandmother – did someone get into an actual tussle with an officer, and that officer’s weapon fired?

  10. Car in Says:

    That is disputed, AD. Police claimed first there was a struggle, then changed it to contact.

    Feiger is claiming that is bogus. But, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

  11. Hotspur Says:

    Geoffrey Feiger is a piece of human excrement. When is he going to just go away?

    He’s going to get the city to settle for a bajillion dollars that it doesn’t have, then walk away with a fat little pile of cash for himself – because he cares about the little guys.

    Right. Thank God we didn’t end up with him for governor. Jenny’s been disastrous enough.

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