YEA! Regulations are being written! Woot!

This is what success looks like to folks in Washington:

On his weekly radio address, the president argued that it was already providing Americans with “real benefits,” while Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a four-page memo laying out the “significant progress” she claims her department has already made in implementing the law. “Over the coming weeks, our team across government will continue to work diligently to produce the regulations and guidance necessary to implement this landmark new law,” she concludes.

Those “real benefits” of regulation and guidance – that was the change I always imagined.

At the same time, cost projections continue to spiral upwards. The Congressional Budget Office now reports that the law will require an additional $115 billion in previously unreported (and yet unpaid-for) discretionary spending. Medicare’s actuary has reported that total medical spending in the U.S. will actually go up and that crucial cuts to Medicare—cuts being used to pay for the law’s new entitlement spending—aren’t likely to happen, but that Medicare benefits are likely to be reduced. And in Massachusetts, the state whose 2006 health care overhaul served as the model for ObamaCare, insurers have gone to war with the governor, and the state treasurer is warning that the program could drive the state into bankruptcy.


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2 Comments on “YEA! Regulations are being written! Woot!”

  1. Yale Grad Says:

    Remember, we have your best interests in mind at all times.


  2. Bob Says:

    Was there an actual point to this post?

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