Good Read

Mona Charen and the link between food assistance and obesity.

But the obesity epidemic among the poor suggests that actual starvation is not the main challenge now. Advocates for more spending, such as the Food Research and Action Center, are puzzling it out: “A number of researchers have theorized about potential mechanisms for the association between food insecurity and obesity, including an association between food insecurity and binge-like eating.” The obesity epidemic is not a reason to cut back on food programs, they conclude, but rather a call to spend even more.

So, not only do we (us taxpayers) need to feed the poor, but now we need to figure out how we can get them to eat less.

Of course, it not just poor folks. It’s all of us and they think you’re stupid. You’re fat and the government is here to help you.

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4 Comments on “Good Read”

  1. Dick Says:


    Cook with the Fat side up, don’t remove fat.
    Rub down the meat side with whatever spices you like.
    Low and slow, 225 degrees/5-6 hours.
    Slather the whole damn thing in BBQ sauce before you toss it in the oven and several times more throughout the cooking period.

  2. Car in Says:

    Thanks Dick:)

  3. xbradtc Says:

    Let me get this straight. Poor people are starving, so we need to give them money to eat. Alternatively, poor people are NOT starving, and indeed are obese, so we need to pay EVEN more so they don’t get fat.

    I’m no math wiz, but would NOT paying them work better?

  4. Car in Says:

    We should pay them to work out!

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