A Horrible Thought for FIAF

Why does the left criticize every attempt to get a handle on our illegal immigrant problem? J. R. Dunn compares the left to the Ottoman Empire and its use of “millets”, diverse ethnic groups, to keep the population focused on their petty, inter-ethnic squabbles, instead of uniting and raising hell against the Empire.

In short order, the various groups would become so enmeshed in harassing and attacking each other that they could spare no time or energy to defying the status quo. The Ottoman state acted as a referee, occasionally bouncing an ethnic group that got out of hand, but in general letting the circus roar along while they, the rulers, involved themselves in life’s finer things — conspiracies against fellow officials or plans to conquer Western Europe.

Well, in the United States, the democrats have their own version, consisting of ethnic (and other) groups defined in large part by their grievances as victims of America. The left claims to “represent them” and throws them a few bones, in exchange for their slavish voting loyalty. Illegals represent yet another millet. And, this is where the piece gets horrifying.

The left wishes to use the illegals as a battering ram against the American polity, the same as they used labor, and blacks, and every other group they ever encountered. Illegals will become a new protected class, with privileges and entitlements denied the rest of the populace (including, ironically, current members of previous such classes). They will be discouraged from learning English, as occurs today under the doctrine of “bilingualism”, to assure that they remain a separate presence. A vast bureaucracy will arise to “assist” the new citizenry, funded with billions — oh hell, make that trillions, this is the Obama era — and staffed with sociologists, ethnographers, psychologists, and other disciplines unimagined today. All will be of the same political persuasion. A permanent crisis atmosphere will be generated around the new class. The “Amnestee” question will lead to endless problems and ramifications and act as a permanent indictment of the country and its policies. The native population (not to mention legal immigrants) will grow increasingly embittered and angered. The former illegals will be rendered even more miserable than they are today.

I told you it was awful. Does anyone doubt this is their intention?

Common wisdom, and demographics, say that you cannot shut-out the hispanic vote. To do so (by opposing immigration or supporting – apparently ANY – immigration reform) is electoral death in the near future as hispanics become a majority-minority. But the hispanic vote is overwhelmingly liberal. And worse, they are often anti-American.

As pundit Dr. Jack Wheeler points out here, Mexico’s rulers engender hatred toward the U.S. by, among other things, placing an enormous map depicting Greater Mexico — which includes much of our land — near the entrance of Mexico City’s Museum of National History. Wheeler writes, “Every class of students on a field trip from their school to the museum is made to sit down and gaze up at the huge map, while the teacher explains how so much of Los Estados Unidos was stolen from Mexico and really belongs to them.” The rationale is that all the land treaties the U.S. made with European powers, such as the Louisiana Purchase, were illegal and that the regions thus obtained rightfully belong to Mexico. States Wheeler, “Every Mexican national legally or illegally in the US is told by the Mexican government his or her allegiance is to Mexico — not America.”

What are we to do with a burgeoning population who care not one bit about being “American?” What obligation do we have to allow them into our country? None. The United States doesn’t need La Raza and its calls for a communist revolution. Reason #1 to close the border, which most of us have already seen:

Palate Cleanser. Here’s an immigrant I like:

We need to import more heavy metal dudes.

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