Bill Maher

Yes, I know, it’s old, but I just got around to reading this takedown of Maher v Will.

Bill tries to moonwalk his words back a space: “I would never say…that all Republicans are racist. But nowadays if you are racist, you’re probably a Republican.” That is quite an indictment from a man who lives in a 6000-square-foot beverly Hills home on a 2.5-acre gated compound, safely ensconced in a neighborhood that is 83% white and a whopping 1.7% black.

And as an added extra nuggeut – this is what “getting off of oil” looks like:

“I could criticize America in general for not attacking this problem [dependency on fossil fuels] in the Seventies. I mean, Brazil got off oil in the last thirty years we certainly could’ve.

Apparently, in Maher’s feeble mind, Brazil is fueled by sugar-cane ethanol. He’s SURE he read that somewhere.

From wiki: Sugarcane ethanol represented 16.7% of the country’s total energy consumption by the automotive sector in 2007.

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