Putting the Kabuki Theater into perspective

The White House is going to ramp up their message on two issues in the coming months in anticipation of the November elections; immigration and a populist assault on Wall Street.

The first is merely a feint. They floated the word “immigration” in hopes that Republicans would take the bait. They had no intention of reworking policy, and there is none currently be rewritten. They do not care about illegal immigration in so much that the status quo works to their advantage. Every time a conservative squawks about the legitimate problems, they can scream racism. And the demographic game of simply letting in anyone from our Southern boarder supports their (electoral) bottom line. Jeff from PW yesterday:

I’m not sure what’s worse: this administration’s entire political agenda designed to do nothing but entrench its own statist power, or the willingness of so many Democrat supporters to go along with the plan, regardless of what hastily cobbled legislation is used to secure those ends.

In this case, there isn’t even cobbled legislation. They just want to ride dirty the issue until November.

We have reached a critical point in an already cynical political atmosphere in the US. Either our government is there to represent us — and act as an extension of our will — or it is there for its own sake and for the sake of an ideological class that will do anything to connive voters into allowing it to retain power to rule over us.

Such baldfaced pandering to identity groups is the logical end of progressivism in an electoral environment wherein the vote remains relatively free. Politics being about power and access, progressives are willing to form a de facto (and explicitly targeted) majoritarian coalition and rule by way of a majority tyranny, if in fact they can manage such an endeavor. And gone now is even the pretense that they are attempting to do otherwise.

The second issue they are going to use electoral advantage is financial reform, or more pointedly, placing the blame on Republicans for the recent economic mess. The Kabuki Theater occurring in Washington is a brazen, blatant show-trials. And the vote on financial reform that was defeated on monday and tuesday? That was a feature, not a bug. What better way to paint the Republicans (who are opposing bad legislation, not reform) as in the pocket of Wall Street?

But, TRUTH is what should matter. Who did Wall Street support in the last election?

Over 550 employees of Goldman Sachs contributed enough to one or more of the 2008 presidential candidates to show up on the Federal Election Commission’s data base — 388 contributed over $814,000 to Democrats while only 163 favored the GOP, dropping a more modest $258,000 into their coffers.
· At Lehman Brothers 310 employees voted Democratic with their contributions, to the tune of $642,000; meanwhile, 154 cut checks to Republicans totaling about $262,000.
· Nearly 500 Morgan Stanley employees sent over $834,000 to the Democrats while 247 of their colleagues deposited less than half that amount (under $400,000) in Republican campaign accounts.
· Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac employees favored the Democrats by a 6 to 1 margin, sending $220,000 to the Democrats and only $37,500 to the GOP.

Wall Street financially and electorally supported Obama. Obama’s staff is filled with Wall Street lobbyists. White House allies work in Wall Street.

Wall Street’s “army of lobbyists” includes former Obama administration officials, many of his donors, former Democratic lawmakers, former top staff of the current key Capitol Hill Democrats, and the Democratic super-lobbyists who have ready access to this White House.

Thomas Nides runs the financial industry’s main Washington Lobby. He gave the maximum to Obama in ’08.

Grant Leslie was hired by the American Bankers Association, who then left Obama’s Agriculture Department.

Goldman Sachs – four of their five in-house lobbyists were Democratic Capital Hill staffers.

Goldman Sachs retains plenty of Obama allies, including: former House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt; Harold Ford Sr. (father of the former representative and Obama supporter); and super-lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, Gephardt’s former chief of staff, who visited the White House at least six times last year.

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Obama_s-cronies-thrive-at-intersection-of-K-and-Wall-84514142.html#ixzz0mOZAQ564

Bank of America uses the Podesta Group to lobby for them. Perhaps that names sounds familiar?

Did Republicans have similar intermingling? Certainly. But, Obama raised the most ever from Wall Street in the last election – 14.9 million.

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One Comment on “Putting the Kabuki Theater into perspective”

  1. wiserbud Says:

    But… but…. but….. Dick Cheney did shot someone.

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