Thanks. No, Really. THANKS

I really appreciate Sean for pointing out this POS from Sully. I would have commented at Doubplusundead, but my formating over there gets messed up. Mr. True Conservative lays it all out why Mr. Hope and Change is just AWESOME and why we (true conservatives) should only applaud him, but prolly offer him a bj.

This administration’s actions are defensible for the large part from the perspective of the actual circumstances we face: a collapse of the extreme free market capitalism of the last twenty years and the implosion of a neo-imperial post-Cold War foreign policy in the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Mesopotamia. To recognize this, and to defend it from ideological attacks, is, in my view, the real conservative position today.

Black is white. Progressivism is conservativism.

The Obama administration was forced into the kind of big government action required to cope with several huge crises, after years of negligence and drift.

Government had to expand! It was our only option. If he had done nothing ….

>Andy McCarthy, Powerline, Instapundit, Glenn Beck, Stephen Moore, Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity and all the toujours l’audace reality-free fanatics to be the antithesis of conservatism as I have long understood it.

Perhaps you don’t really understand Conservativism, Sully.

So buck up, David. And get back to defending Obama when it is appropriate (which, so far, has almost always been the case).

Yes, by all means. Feel free to criticize him. If he ever makes a mistake. As if- ha!

If David doubts the moderation of Obama, he might ask his colleague, Paul Krugman, or read more Glenn Greenwald.

Oh, yes, Obama is SO MODERATE that the very radical libs Krugman and Greenwald are always on his case. What more proof could you want? I mean, sure Krugman admires the Chinese government and Greenwald is a commie, but …

And the best of all:

This is a great time for conservative thought – because it can be clearly disengaged from conservative power and the conservative movement. No fucking surrender.

Yea. Great time.

I need a drink.

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