Obamacare NOT modeled after Heritage ideas

Confronting an Obama(care) lie, the Heritage Foundation does not support the individual mandate or health insurance exchange.

The president and his supporters invoke the Heritage Foundation to convince the American people that his health bill is somehow a middle-of-the-road approach. It isn’t. So please, Mr. President, stop it.

The Heritage Foundation’s vision of healthcare exchanges more closely resemble current home or auto insurance. Designed by states, and free from federal regulation.

Under the president’s law, however, the congressionally designed exchanges are a tool imposed on the states enabling the federal government to standardize and micromanage health insurance coverage, while administering a vast and unaffordable new entitlement program. This is a vehicle for federal control of state markets, a usurpation of state authority and the suppression of meaningful patient choice. Heritage finds this crushing of state innovation and experimentation repugnant.

This law constitutes a massive alteration of the constitutional balance of power between the federal government and the states, and strikes at the heart of American federalism. This is probably not something President Obama gives a whit about, but we at Heritage do.

As for the individual mandate, it was an idea floated by Heritage years ago, but since rejected.

Our research in the ensuing two decades has led us to realize our initial idea was operationally ineffective and legally defective. Well before Obama was elected, we dropped it. In the spring 2008 edition of the Harvard Health Policy Review, I advanced far better alternatives to the individual mandate to expand coverage, relying on positive tax incentives and other mechanisms to facilitate enrollment in private health insurance. This is what researchers and fact-based policymakers do when they discover new facts or conduct deeper analysis.

So, stop lying.

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18 Comments on “Obamacare NOT modeled after Heritage ideas”

  1. wiserbud Says:

    Heritage Foundation = racist

  2. Bob Says:

    Nothing on your blog about the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings and that thankfully dead piece of shit McVeigh? I only bring it up because the Tea Partiers seem to be finding some hero worship in McVeigh. I’m just trying to get a sense of how much you and your readers have drifted on the seas of crazy with the whole ‘bagger movement.

    Ever been to the memorial? I walked through it once. Once you come up on all the little chairs made of marble next to the bigger ones, each representing a victim, it kind of breaks your heart. If you have one.

  3. Car in Says:

    Actually, I have a little personal memorial to the Oklahoma city bombing that I don’t share with anyone.

    But, you go ahead and pass along a link to the Tea Party worship of McVeigh.

  4. Sox Says:

    Bob is as delusional as the Illegal Occupier of the Oval Office…

  5. geoff Says:

    Bob, being unable to comment on the topic, creates a ridiculous strawman and attacks that instead. Typical.

    Tea Partiers worshiping McVeigh? Nonsense. Stupid, illiterate nonsense.

    And, as always, the lame “you didn’t post on this other topic” is ridiculous. An institution like the NYT might be criticized for not treating a particular topic, because they are supposed to provide comprehensive news coverage. Demanding that of a blog is silly and unrealistic; attributes shared with the author of the comment.

    I’ve never met anyone who supported McVeigh, BTW. Not a single person gave the slightest hint that they would cut him even the tiniest bit of slack.

  6. Bob, if you should ever doubt where I stand on the OKC attack, all you need to know is that my friend and mentor is the one who signed the order to go pick up Terry Nichols. Now kiss my ass, you insufferable tool.

  7. Bob Says:

    Sean Hannity calls teabaggers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” and they cheer.

    Sox, how mad does it make you to think Obama is an “illegal occupier of the White House?” I mean, gosh, he got the whole state of Hawaii in on the scam. Makes you pretty mad huh? Feel like blowing shit up I bet.

  8. Car in Says:


    “We’ve got veterans, we’ve got stay-at-home moms, people who really don’t like the direction of the country. They’re speaking out and they’ve been compared to terrorists, Tim McVeigh-wannabes. They’ve been called un-American. They’ve been called every name in the book. Now, the latest attack is that these people are violent,” he said.

    It’s called sarcasm.

  9. geoff Says:

    It’s called sarcasm.

    Absolutely. Plus, the applause started when he said “Tea Partiers.”

    That’s Bob’s evidence? Pretty desperate and delusional.

  10. Hotspur Says:

    Don’t interrupt Bob while he’s trying to figure out how to dub “nigger” fifteen times into a video of the CBC stroll through the DC crowd last month.

    Note to Bob: Breitbart’s $100k bounty doesn’t go to you, it goes to the United Negro College Fund.

  11. Bob Says:

    Again, they applauded at the Tim McVeigh reference. He’s a damn hero to tea baggers. This is why the sooner the govt leaks out their plans for internment camps for teabagging caucasian nutcases, the better.

    Fence em in.

  12. Hotspur Says:

    Grasping at straws. Pathetic.

  13. Bagger bigots Says:

    Do you think we’d see a 99% white Christian Tea Party movement if Hillary were President? I don’t think so. The haters are scared. America is coming back. Jobless claims are down, GM has paid back the bailout, the banks are making money, and the economy is improving. The only thing the Tea Bagger bigots have to complain about is the blackness of the President. Meanwhile the GOP has nothing to do but obstruct and make people upset at gov’t. THE SUCCESS OF THESE WHITE CHRISTIAN BIGOTS DEPENDS ON THE FAILURE OF AMERICA.

    America will not fail and it won’t be easy or quick, but we will recover from the disastrous 8 yrs of GW Bush. However, the bigots will remain but will be marginalized … back to their own parallel universe of non-reality where they can listen to Limbaugh, Beck and Fox News and stew in their own hate.

  14. agile_dog Says:

    Again, they applauded at the Tim McVeigh reference

    No, they did not. Liar.

    I don’t know which is more pathetic: your dishonesty or your stupidity.

  15. agile_dog Says:

    Do you think we’d see a 99% white Christian Tea Party movement if Hillary were President?

    Swing and a miss. Strike one. No, if Hillary were President, we would see the media portarying it as a 99% MALE Christian Tea party movement, and ignoring all the women involved, just like they are ignoring all the minorities in the actual, real, secular Tea Party.

    Do the cartoons of mean, evil conservatives in your head actually speak, or do they have those little ballon boxes over their heads?

  16. Car in Says:

    Boy, that comment sounds kinda familiar. Is that you, Score?

    Historic low, score. 22%.

  17. Car in Says:

    Score didn’t have much to say over at Protein Wisdom either, btw.

  18. geoff Says:

    Do you think we’d see a 99% white Christian Tea Party movement if Hillary were President?

    We don’t see one now, either. Neither Gallup nor NYT/CBS polls found a 99% white composition of the Tea Parties. I just a post at my site, though, that explains why you’d expect participation by blacks to be less than 1%.

    Jobless claims are down, GM has paid back the bailout, the banks are making money, and the economy is improving

    None of those are true. Jobless claims stopped falling almost 6 months ago. GM paid back less than 15% of what it borrowed, the banks are still in trouble, and the economy is showing very mixed signs.

    Try saying one true thing every day. Eventually it may grow into a lifestyle.

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