FIAF drive-bys

This paragraph is just wonderful.

Readers should note that the allegations that racial slurs were directed at Rep. Lewis have never been proved, as the irrepressible James Taranto writes in The Wall Street Journal. Yet the charges have stuck in the metropolitan consciousness, largely because they accord with the narrative of the Tea Party that has been peddled so far by the mainstream media: to wit, that it is a racist movement whose animus against Obama is fueled not by his politics, but by his blackness. Such a distortion of the movement’s defining temper was necessary in order to render its members unworthy of polite company; their portrayal as intolerant racists allowed the media to send Tea Partiers to political coventry, to confer on them the status of picturesque (yet repulsive) pariahs. Opponents were transformed, by cultural diktat, into “wing-nuts.” Ideological passion came to be seen, with a certain elitist aesthetic distaste, as “anger.” And the movement’s emphatic brand of libertarian-conservative politics was belittled as of the “fringe.”

Meanwhile, the Coffee Party brews on …. there’s something called Campus Coffee Weak Week. These kids are, like, so … like … deep. Did that kid call adults vapid?

heh. Waxman’s cancelled his Obamacare show trial. Bummer.

Tea Party infiltrators. The man-bag really gave him away.

Now, a tune chosen totally at random.

Incredibly hilarious update:

Why, it seems that the AP has had to retract yet another bit of absolute proof that the CBC members were verbally assaulted with racist epithets by the Tea Partiers.

The AP reported that Rep. Heath Schuler said he was there and he heard the dreaded “N”-word being flung at the CBC members as they walked through the Tea Partiers in an attempt to incite an incident.  Now they have retracted that story, after James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal tracked Rep. Schuler down and simply asked him about the event. 

But when we phoned Shuler’s office this afternoon, press secretary Julie Fishman told us the local reporter misunderstood. According to Fishman, Shuler’s comments to the Times-News referred to the general tenor of the protests, not to the black congressmen’s specific allegations. Fishman said that Shuler was not walking with Cleaver and did not hear the “N-word.”


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19 Comments on “FIAF drive-bys”

  1. I’m sorry Carin, I had to stop when the bubble brain started babbling about the Citizens United decision.

    I love the lefty mantra that having more money to spend equates into votes. That’s only true if you are like many of the fiity-tooers and believe whatever you hear without bothering to educate yourself and learn more.

    If these kids are the future, then maybe they deserve what they’re getting with Lord Zero and his merry band of Kommunist Kossacks.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yea, I see stuff like this and I wonder if I really want my kids going to college.

    I mean, I wonder, like what out-takes they, like, rejected for that piece.

  3. OC Says:

    Yea, I see stuff like this and I wonder if I really want my kids going to college.

    Start building up those excuses.

  4. Car in Says:

    Ha. weak, OC.

    If you think my kids won’t be able to get into college, you’re in for a heap of disappointment in a few years.

  5. OC Says:

    Oh, I don’t think they’ll be unable to get in. I think you’ll cheap out and/or try to oppress them into not going.

  6. wiserbud Says:


    Seriously, “oppress them into not going?” What the hell are you even talking about?

    I guess that’s what happens when your vocabulary is limited to “victim” words.

  7. Car in Says:

    You’re amusing, OC.

  8. geoff Says:

    You’re amusing, OC.

    Really? I’ll have to re-read her comments. They seemed petty, snarky, and pointless to me. Like she really doesn’t have anything to say in defense of the video.

  9. There is no defense for the video. But it does offer proof that intellect without wisdom is simply a lost child, doomed to die cold, hungry, and alone in the big bad woods that are the world.

  10. Car in Says:

    I was being nice, geoff.

  11. Vmaximus Says:

    I am with Wiser Carin, she is saying you are a unfit cheep skate mother that would rather spend your money on yourself than your children. Because you are racist, and want to perpetuate the Neanderthal traits.

  12. Eddie The Bear Says:

    yeah, because I just love some 20 year old trust funder who has never had to work beyond calling Daddy to get an advance on the monthly allowance telling me that I don’t know how the real world works.

  13. Sean M. Says:

    I loved the painfully earnest acoustic guitar in the background.

    Oh, and the fact that they don’t see the irony of talking about Europeans saying “I want this person to win the election” would be delicious if these dumbasses weren’t our future.

  14. Vmaximus Says:

    Oops! No N-words. Just like ___ fill in the blank Bush lies. Fake but not accurate.

  15. Bob Says:

    “have never been proved”

    Nice standard. I’ll make sure to use it when necessary.

  16. Car in Says:

    What standard do you suggest?

  17. Jazz Says:

    I see stuff like this and I wonder if I really want my kids going to college.

    Send them to <a href="; target="_blank"<Hillsdale, Carin! I think it’s the best undergrad in the country (it takes NO federal money, so the feds can’t influence the curriculum). Great conservative thinkers teach there, and they teach and demand high-level critical thinking skills. This is the school that, if I had kids, I’d be sending them to.

  18. Car in Says:

    We’ve already looked into it. It’s really expensive. With five kids … I dunno…

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