Nail on the head

I was working yesterday, so I missed this gem from Jeff:

My experience with Professor Kiteley’s symbolic back turning was illuminating in many ways — not least because it exposed the mindset of a real-world, educated left-liberal who (unlike Rich or Krugman or Jackson) wasn’t performing for a public audience. During our phone conversation, he repeatedly made reference to the “dangers” of the “far right wing” — and yet he couldn’t seem to differentiate between the “far right wing” as he imagined it, and the kinds of people who might be reading my site (whom, I told him, include quite a substantial number of academics, lawyers, engineers, and private market scientists and members of the professional class). To Kiteley, someone on the “right” is never more than a few degrees removed from “the deep south” or “militiamen”. And trying to disabuse him of that notion proved to be a losing battle.

What became clear to me is that cloistered progressives like Kiteley — who exist almost entirely inside a university’s liberal arts hive mind — are completely susceptible to the kind of rhetoric, coming from elected representatives and the mainstream press, that is intended to divide the nation into those who are kindly and good (progressives, or those involved in “politics,” which is now synonymous with “social justice”), and those who are racist, xenophobic reactionary populists who, given the chance, will tear the republic down out of fear, ignorance, and hate.

In other words, Kiteley isn’t so much “alarmed” by the rhetoric of the “right wing”; instead, he is being alarmed by the anti-Tea Party propaganda his “intellectual” brethren have been peddling.

From the WSJ:

In fact the only person arrested in recent days for threatening violence against a politician was held for threatening Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House. A spent bullet also hit the window of Mr. Cantor’s district headquarters recently.

Political violence in this country in recent years has been largely on the left. Dozens of right-leaning speakers have been prevented from speaking on college campuses in the last 30 years by the threat or actuality of violence. But if there has been an instance when a left-leaning speaker was similarly treated, I do not know of it.

The racial epithet incident involving Rep John Lewis? Despite all the cameras at the event, and a bounty of $100,000 not one shred of proof has surfaced.

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